Bank of America Believes CBDC Unlikely in the Near Future

Bank of America’s analysis predicts global CBDC impact, highlighting potential benefits and risks of digital currencies in their report.

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  • BofA Global Research’s report has unveiled the imminent rise of Central Bank Digital Currencies.
  • Major central banks worldwide have been actively exploring CBDCs.
  • The Fed has taken a cautious approach to CBDCs, requiring executive and Congressional support.

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, central banks around the world are actively exploring the potential of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). A recent report from BofA Global Research, an independent research division affiliated with Bank of America, illuminates the impending arrival of CBDCs. However, the possibility of a digital dollar in the near future seems unlikely, according to their analysis.

CBDCs Captivate World’s Central Banks

The report disclosed that central banks from approximately 67% of countries worldwide, representing a substantial 98% of the global Gross Domestic Product, are actively exploring CBDCs. Around 33% of these banks are in the advanced stages of their development, as outlined in the report.


A team of analysts, led by Alkesh Shah, conveyed that “The Federal Reserve continues to pilot CBDCs but has not committed to a CBDC and will not issue one without executive branch and Congressional support,” 

The report underlined that the advantages and risks associated with CBDCs are contingent upon their design and issuance approach. 

The analysts anticipate that CBDCs could enhance payment systems, offering more efficiency and cost-effectiveness for both international and domestic transactions. Moreover, they could serve as a mechanism for implementing monetary policy and potentially bolster financial inclusion.

Bank of America Backs CBDCs for Financial Shift

Nonetheless, the report cautioned that CBDCs might instigate competition with bank deposits, potentially leading to more frequent bank runs. Additionally, there’s concern about the loss of monetary sovereignty and potential tensions among countries on a global scale.

Highlighting the anticipated driving force behind digital asset innovation, the report emphasized the role of central banks and governments in collaborating with the private sector and beneficiaries at every stage of CBDC implementation.


BofA Global Research reiterated its perspective stating that CBDCs hold the “potential to revolutionize global financial systems.

We were unable to find the report on the Bank of America website, so we reached out to the company directly to confirm its authenticity. We will update this article as soon as we have more information.

On the Flipside

  • CBDCs could give governments and central banks unprecedented control over how individuals spend and use their money, raising concerns about privacy and financial freedom.
  • CBDCs could further marginalize unbanked and underbanked populations if access to digital infrastructure and literacy remains limited.

Why This Matters

As major institutions like Bank of America navigate the complexities of CBDC development, the implications extend beyond the banking sphere, impacting economies, financial policies, and the broader adoption of digital currencies on a global scale.

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