Ankr’s Ultra Sound Infrastructure Set to Boost Web3 Speed

Ankr’s Ultra Sound Infrastructure offers a globally distributed network of high-speed nodes for blockchain developers.

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  • Ankr’s Ultra Sound Infrastructure provides high-performance connections to blockchains. 
  • The infrastructure is globally distributed for fast connections for developers worldwide.
  • The ANKR token powers the Ultra Sound Infrastructure. 

While Web3 infrastructure is still in its infancy, numerous startups are looking at the future of databases. One of these is Ankr, whose new Ultra Sound Infrastructure could be a game-changer, particularly for decentralized applications (dApps).

This project offers high-performance connections to blockchains, promising to boost the efficiency and speed of dApps. 

Ankr’s Vision

On Tuesday, July 11, Ankr introduced its Ultra Sound Infrastructure, a cloud solution designed to serve Web3 ecosystems. In particular, it provides a globally distributed network of nodes from diverse node provider partners, including tech giants like Microsoft and Tencent Cloud. 


The main goal for Ultra Sound Infrastructure is to offer the highest quality and most distributed node network available for Web3 developers. To do so, Ankr is incentivizing future node providers to deploy nodes to cover any gaps in global coverage. 

This way, Ankr hopes to ensure a low-latency experience when serving request traffic from developers and dApps. Consequently, it enhances the efficiency and speed of their applications. 

“Ultra Sound Infrastructure ensures developers and enterprises can build high quality and resource-intensive applications without worrying about slow or unstable network connections,” Kev Silk, Ultra Sound Infrastructure's Lead claims. 

Thanks to this technology, Ankr hopes to provide dApp developers with high-performance connections to blockchains worldwide. 


“By utilizing our global archive nodes, developers can also ensure that their applications maintain the highest level of performance for their global customer bases,” Silk added.  

On the Flipside

  • Despite being a Web3 project, Ultra Sound Infrastructure relies on traditional cloud service providers like Microsoft. 
  • Ultra Sound Infrastructure’s name is inspired by Ethereum’s Ultrasound Money principle. Ultrasound Money is also a play on words on “sound money,” which is what economists call stable currency. 

Why This Matters

Making life easier for blockchain developers will lower the barrier to entry for blockchain startups. This will also lead to more promising projects getting off the ground. 

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