Cathie Wood Bullish on Crypto, Lauds Hong Kong Web3 Policies

Cathie Wood discussed her bullish outlook on crypto and blockchain at the Hong Kong Web3 Carnival, praising the city’s approach.

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  • Cathie Wood has championed a bullish outlook on cryptocurrency at the Hong Kong Web3 Carnival.
  • Wood believes Web3 is the next phase of the internet, built on blockchain.
  • Wood has anticipated a future where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies converge.

Cathie Wood, CEO of ARK Invest, a prominent investment firm focused on disruptive technologies, participated in a roundtable discussion at the Hong Kong Web3 Carnival. The conversation highlighted Wood’s bullish outlook on the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology while also commending Hong Kong’s regulatory approach to Web3 development.

Cathie Wood on the Future of Finance

Wood emphasized the growing maturity of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. She believes Web3, the next iteration of the internet built on blockchain principles, will significantly impact various sectors, including finance and e-commerce. This impact will be global and accessible to anyone with an internet connection.


Wood sees Artificial Intelligence (AI) playing a crucial role in Web3’s development. She anticipates a future where AI and blockchain technologies converge, particularly in the gaming industry. This integration has the potential to create exciting new products and experiences. Wood cited recent investments by Sony and Polygon as evidence of this trend.

The discussion touched upon the recent approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs in the United States. Wood considers this a major milestone for the digital asset industry. She believes it will encourage institutional adoption of Bitcoin, leading to greater price stability and mainstream acceptance.

Bitcoin to $1.5 Million by 2030?

While acknowledging the regulatory hurdles faced by the cryptocurrency industry in the United States, Wood lauded Hong Kong’s progressive approach. She commended the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) for its comprehensive regulatory framework for virtual asset trading. Wood highlighted Hong Kong’s transparency and leadership in fostering innovative technologies as a model for other regions.

Wood reiterated her previous prediction of Bitcoin reaching $1.5 million by 2030. This estimate factors in the anticipated influx of institutional investment driven by the approval of Bitcoin Spot ETFs. The conversation concluded with Wood expressing her optimism for the future of Web3 and encouraging continued regulatory clarity to foster global innovation.

On the Flipside

  • Regulatory frameworks worldwide are still evolving. Unforeseen regulations could stifle innovation and limit Web3’s global reach.
  • Wood’s prediction of Bitcoin reaching $1.5 million by 2030 is based on her own analysis. The accuracy of long-term price predictions in the cryptocurrency market is uncertain.

Why This Matters

Cathie Wood’s bullish outlook on Web3 and her praise for Hong Kong’s regulatory stance suggests a growing environment where innovation and institutional adoption can thrive. This could lead to a global transformation across finance, e-commerce, and entertainment, with Bitcoin potentially reaching new heights.


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