AirDAO Loses 35.2M AMB and 125 ETH to a Uniswap Pool Exploit

AirDAO suffers an exploit leading to an “isolated theft” on its AMB/ETH Uniswap pool.

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  • AirDAO has suffered an exploit on one of its liquidity pools.
  • The DAO described the attack as an “isolated theft” of the pool.
  • Efforts to recover the stolen funds are underway.

AirDAO, a community-governed L1 blockchain ecosystem, has lost crypto assets worth almost $1 million after suffering an exploit on its AMB/ETH Uniswap pool, the organization said on Thursday.

Without disclosing the exact method of the attack, the AirDAO team said in a statement that the hacker obtained access to the compromised LP through a social engineering scam involving malicious attachments in an email posing as one of the organization’s “known partners.”

AirDAO Suffers a Phishing Scam Exploit

In an X (Twitter) post on March 21, the AirDAO team alerted the crypto community to an “isolated theft” of its AMB/ETH liquidity pool on Uniswap, which resulted in the loss of 35.2 million AMB tokens and 125.51 ETH.


“We are working with exchanges and relevant authorities to identify the hacker and retrieve all stolen funds. If the hacker returns the funds immediately we will pay a white hat hacking fee of 10%, if the hacker fails to cooperate, we will continue with law enforcement.” The team wrote.

Per the current market prices, the stolen crypto assets are worth about $875,393.9 million.

While efforts to recover the stolen funds are underway as intimated by the AirDAO team, blockchain security firm PeckShield noted that the hacker has already transferred the crypto assets to MEXC, ChangeNow, and KuCoin.

Notably, the PeckShield alert reported slightly different figures regarding what was stolen, noting that the hacker made away with 126.5 ETH and 41.61 million AMB. Per PeckShield’s figures, the loss is estimated at $957,669.87.


Noting that it would address the community on the investigation’s process, the AirDAO team said more liquidity will be added to the Uniswap LP “as soon as possible” and that “the worst of the situation is over.”

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