AI-Powered Blockchains: Recent Developments and Announcements

With the world’s first AI-powered Oracle platform set to launch soon, we can expect more and more integration of AI into blockchains.

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With the world’s first AI-powered Oracle platform set to launch soon, we can expect more and more integration of AI tools into blockchains for several functions such as data analysis of blockchain data. AI and blockchain both have a great deal to contribute in each other’s domain, for example blockchain can be used for recording AI behaviour and help increase people’s understanding of them.


With the decentralisation of decision-making, more people can have a greater say in direction and development of software and this can increase people’s trust in AI in the long run. Players in today’s crypto and blockchain markets are balancing public trust on one side with decentralisation and performance on the other, which is in general better achieved with Centralized servers. Can any place be made for data and power hungry AI in high-tension blockchain or crypto markets is the question that many are answering today? The question of tomorrow is if AI can actually be used to innovate a new way to satisfy both the need for high-performance as well as mass decentralisation.

Where blockchain met AI this week

In this article we will focus on today’s question by bringing to you the latest news on companies that are finding exciting ways to introduce AI to the blockchain.

Oraichain Launches New AI-powered Blockchain Network

“Blockchain technology can disrupt traditional sectors suffering decades of inertia. But it needs a boost. We want to push the limits of innovation by being the first to combine Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to end the stalemate and create new paradigms in day-to-day service interaction”, said Dr Chung Dao, CEO of Oraichain, the leading AI-powered oracle and blockchain ecosystem supplier, he announced it is going to expand into the Artificial Intelligence services industry with a new, AI-backed blockchain network.

The expansion is a new milestone on Oraichain’s journey to becoming an advanced, full-service AI ecosystem with the ability to custom create multiple applications and platforms based upon a trusted, transparent and secure blockchain for numerous industry sectors.


The new move to launch its blockchain network referred to as Oraichain Mainnet, adds to Oraichain’s plans to expand its suite of AI-based products and services ecosystem, including an AI Marketplace, Data & Request Hub, Publisher Service, Training Service, and Dapp Hosting.

Home Lending Pal leverages machine learning and Blockchain to efficiently solve lenders’ and borrowers’ problems

HLP helps banks, credit unions and non-bank lenders lead with transparency by automating and digitizing the process. HLP stores its data on the blockchain and operates through smart contracts. Home Lending Pal (HLP) has an anonymous marketplace that uses conversational intelligence, machine learning and blockchain to help first-time homebuyers through the home research and lending process.

Amber Group boosts its crypto trading infrastructure security with AnChain.AI

AnChain.AI, a blockchain data analytics firm providing AI-powered security, risk, and compliance solutions, today announced a new partnership with crypto finance company Amber Group to bring greater transparency and security to its crypto trading platform ecosystem. Amber Group is an integrated crypto financial services firm that offers services ranging from market making to asset management and structured products.

Bosch partners with for smart IoT devices is an Artificial Intelligence company that is building the future digital economy by deploying machine learning, advanced cryptography and autonomous agents to the blockchain and Bosch confirmed this week that it has been working with the team at aims to launch the second version of its public blockchain mainnet in March 2021. Bosch says it plans to operate a node on the blockchain when it launches and as part of Bosch Research’s “Economy of Things” (EoT) project, the manufacturer wants to use by training AIs that are used within the devices.

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