Ye Scoffs at NFTs, Saying He Makes “Real Products in the Real World”

One of the important questions of nowadays is where’s a threshold between the real and virtual world.

One of the most important questions that’s rises nowadays is about where the threshold lies between the real and virtual world. Smartphones and social medias are so deeply ingrained into our lives that it’s hard to imagine life without the internet.  

The same goes for music: now longer so we buy vinyl records, tapes, or even CDs in this ever evolving technological world. When we buy a new album, we don’t get a physical representation along with it. Moreover, in the era of streaming services, we’re not even buying the songs themselves anymore but rather a right to the temporary usage of the music for our enjoyment, with certain stipulations.  


One of the most influential musicians of the 2000s, Ye, formally known as Kanye West, recently posted a handwritten message to his Instagram account:  

It seems like the rapper messed up the terminology a bit. Of course, everybody understands that Ye meant he wouldn’t be releasing hollow NFT collections just to make money as, happened with some other stars, and this position deserves respect.  

Indeed, blockchain technology and NFTs should be used where appropriate, in order to bring additional benefits to the art itself. using blockchain just for the sake of using blockchain doesn’t really have a purpose.   

On the other hand, music and NFT art have a lot in common these days – neither are something you can physically hold. The privilege of music is that it has more influence on the real world, as well as on us emotionally as human beings.  

Either way, in the end, Ye signed off, “ask me later.” Is it simply a slightly sarcastic pinch for the haters? Or maybe, just maybe, was he hinting at some future plans? All we can do is wait and see.  


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Nazar Kuzmyn

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