XRP Tied to 100% Gains Post Halving: These Factors Will Decide

Analysts predict a massive surge for XRP against Bitcoin despite ongoing legal battles and a recent price correction.

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  • Technical analysis has suggested a massive XRP surge against Bitcoin, with a possibility of exceeding 100% returns.
  • Analysts have forecasted an immediate price target of $1.33, with potential for reaching even higher targets.
  • Despite a recent price decline, XRP has maintained price stability around $0.60.

The cryptocurrency XRP has been under close scrutiny by analysts lately, with some predicting a significant upswing in its value against Bitcoin (BTC) in the near future. This bullish outlook comes amidst ongoing legal battles for XRP and a recent price correction.

Possible XRP Surge Looming?

CrediBULL Crypto’s bullish prediction hinges on a technical analysis of the XRP/BTC trading pair. He identifies an “accumulation phase” within a larger demand zone, suggesting a potential rise in price. This pattern aligns with past trends successfully identified by the analyst.


Based on this analysis, CrediBULL Crypto forecasts a near-term rally of 15-20% for XRP against Bitcoin. If XRP surpasses the next major resistance level, estimated to be 35% higher, the analyst predicts a more dramatic surge exceeding 100% returns against BTC for investors.

This bullish outlook follows CrediBULL Crypto’s decision to increase his XRP/BTC position a week prior. The move was fueled by an “RSI divergence” spotted on the 3-day chart, a technical indicator often seen as a precursor to a market reversal.

XRP’s Foundation For Growth

Looking beyond technical analysis, other experts emphasize XRP’s strong fundamentals. Zach Rector, a prominent figure in the crypto community, acknowledges XRP’s potential due to the underlying technology of XRP and the XRPL. He believes this foundation positions XRP for a significant impact in the next crypto bull market.


Analyst Dark Defender also expresses optimism for XRP, projecting an immediate price target of $1.33. He envisions XRP potentially reaching the Fibonacci targets of $1.88 and $5.85 in the coming weeks.

Despite a recent decline of 14% followed by a 1% drop in the last 24 hours, XRP’s price currently remains steady at around $0.60. This resilience, coupled with the positive outlook from analysts, paints a promising picture for XRP’s future.

On the Flipside

  • While CrediBULL Crypto’s analysis highlights a potential upswing, technical indicators can be misleading and shouldn’t be the sole factor in investment decisions.
  • The ongoing SEC lawsuit against Ripple Labs remains a major hurdle for XRP. A negative outcome could significantly impact XRP’s value.
  • CrediBULL admitted to increasing his personal holdings in XRP, which could be influencing their optimism.

Why This Matters

XRP’s potential surge, backed by technical analysis and strong fundamentals, would signal a broader shift in the cryptocurrency market, potentially leading to a resurgence of investor interest and renewed confidence in the asset’s long-term viability.

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