XRP Buzzes with Anticipation as EVM Sidechain Nears Launch

XRP eyes Web3 boost as EVM sidechain nears launch, fueling community optimism and price rise hopes.

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  • XRPL has prepared for Web3 integration, igniting community buzz to propel XRP.
  • Predictions from industry insiders have suggested a bold future for XRP.
  • The Evmos Cosmos bridge has opened doors to wider blockchain interoperability.

The XRP Ledger is enthusiastic about the upcoming launch of its Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) sidechain. This development could unlock new functionalities and propel the price of XRP to new highs. While details remain under wraps, recent updates hint at significant progress and ignite optimism within the XRP community.

XRP Eyes Web3

Fueled by a recent announcement from RippleX, the open developer platform associated with Ripple, excitement centers around the sidechain’s potential to bridge Web3 applications to the XRP Ledger, enhancing its capabilities and scalability.

This aligns with predictions from XRP enthusiasts like Patrick L. Riley, CEO of Reaper Financial, who foresees XRP surpassing Bitcoin as the top cryptocurrency.


Adding to the momentum, RippleX has published a public amendment for the XChainBridge, a crucial step towards launch already garnering support from key validators. Furthermore, the sidechain has passed stringent security audits by Bishop Fox, solidifying its security posture. Additional audits are underway, highlighting the project’s commitment to secure infrastructure.

XRP EVM Sidechain: Not Just Ethereum, Now Cosmos Too!

But the advancements don’t stop there. Peersyst, a key developer, announced a new bridge version enabling seamless token movement between the sidechain and the XRPL. Additionally, a revamped user interface (UI) and developer-friendly software development kit (SDK) are in the works.

The sidechain’s integration with Cosmos, a leading blockchain network, opens doors for further expansion. A new bridge connecting the EVM sidechain to Cosmos, powered by Evmos, is set to launch, further enhancing interoperability.

While the official launch date remains undisclosed, the XRP Ledger ecosystem pulsates with anticipation. The EVM sidechain’s arrival is poised to unlock a new era of functionality, scalability, and potential growth, leaving XRP enthusiasts eagerly awaiting its unveiling.

On the Flipside

  • While audits are positive, the long-term security of a complex system like the sidechain needs constant monitoring.
  • Expanding to Cosmos opens doors and introduces additional layers of complexity that could impact user experience and security.
  • Price predictions remain speculative, and the true impact of the sidechain on XRP value is unclear.

Why This Matters

These advancements paint a promising picture for the future of the XRPL. The EVM sidechain has the potential to unlock significant growth and attract new users to the ecosystem, potentially propelling XRP to new heights. While the final launch date remains unknown, the continuous progress and positive developments offer a glimpse into the exciting possibilities.


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