UK Government Approves Game-Changing Tokenization Initiative

The UK Government takes a massive step forward in adopting tokenization and embracing blockchain technology.

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  • The United Kingdom government has greenlit a game-changing proposal designed to facilitate the tokenization of funds. 
  • The initiative looks to make the investment sector more efficient and transparent. 
  • The government will be working to help funds integrate tokenization into existing structures. 

The United Kingdom government is leaning towards embracing digital assets with progressive regulatory frameworks and policies that aim to boost adoption in the country. 

Adding to its series of crypto-forward announcements for the year, the government has unveiled a new tokenization initiative that enables funds in the country to leverage blockchain technology for the tokenization of funds, breaking away from conventional record-keeping systems and showcasing the incumbent government’s commitment to fostering innovation in the financial sector. 

UK’s Progressive Stance Towards Blockchain Technology

On November 24, the United Kingdom officially greenlighted a proposal that paves the way for authorized funds to embrace tokenization in the investment sector and, in turn, boost efficiency, transparency, and competitiveness in the industry.


The initiative is a collaborative effort led by the Technology Working Group of the government’s Asset Management Taskforce, working with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), HM Treasury, and major investment managers like BlackRock. 

The group has published a comprehensive report titled UK Fund Tokenization: A Blueprint for Implementation,” detailing a comprehensive roadmap for adopting  Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)-enabled fund tokenization. 

According to the report, FCA-authorized funds can initially utilize tokenization for sales and redemption transactions as long as they ensure compliance with existing legal and regulatory frameworks. This includes maintaining conventional valuation and settlement processes and limiting investment portfolios to mainstream assets.


The government will be working to help funds integrate tokenization into existing structures and enable them to leverage DLT for transactions like sales and redemptions and maintain holder registers.

To qualify for tokenization, FCA-authorized funds must meet specific criteria, such as holding mainstream assets and adhering to traditional valuation schedules and settlement timeframes. The blueprint outlines further stages of tokenization, anticipating a more comprehensive integration of DLT, potentially necessitating adjustments in legislative or regulatory frameworks.

On the Flipside

  • UK Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt recently outlined a legislative framework that aims to expand the country’s digital assets sector called the Digital Securities Sandbox (DSS).
  • In April 2022, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced pro-crypto plans, including legislating stablecoins. 

Why This Matters

Positioning itself as a global hub for cryptocurrencies and embracing blockchain technology constitutes a significant policy objective for the current UK government. The approval of the proposal marks its commitment to fostering innovation and implementing solid regulatory frameworks for cryptocurrencies.

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