Trump’s Second NFT Card Series Launch Sees First Collection Plummet

Donald Trump repeated history in selling out his new NFTs; however, his first collection plunged by more than half.

Donald Trump NFT of him playing a guitar while balancing on a joker card.
  • Former US President Donald Trump released a second NFT collection. 
  • Trump’s new collection met with profound success.
  • Following the launch of the new NFT collection, the first collection plummeted.
  • The ex-President took to social media, boasting about his success.

Donald Trump is testing his touch of gold with NFTs, especially when the controversial 45th US President is at the center of major turmoil. After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response to his first NFT launch, Trump plans to repeat history by dropping a second series that glorifies his “nice guy” status. 

While the controversy-ridden President expected an overwhelming response to the new NFTs, he certainly didn’t anticipate the first collection to plummet.

One NFT Collection Is Better than Two Going Bust?

On Tuesday, April 18, Donald Trump released a new collection of his digital trading cards on Polygon. The set features 47,000 NFTs, each selling for $99, with 1,000 NFTs mostly of the rarest type, reserved for the controversy-ridden President, similar to the first series


However, unlike the first collection, the new set doesn’t have as many benefits. Still, users who purchase 47 NFTs can book a gala dinner with Trump at his Mar-a-Lago golf club in Florida, while collectors with 100 NFTs can claim a dinner with the ex-President and bag a unique art piece exhibiting his “heroic” likeness. 

At press time, Trump’s second series of Digital Trading Cards have sold out in record time, earning the former President approximately $4.6 million. While Trump anticipated the overwhelming success of the new collection, he didn’t predict the first collection cratering. 

Trump's Instagram Post about the second NFT collection selling out.

Trump’s Instagram Post about the second NFT collection selling out.


Following the launch of the new series, the floor price of the first NFT collection plunged by 58%, from 0.4 ETH or $850 to 0.183 ETH or $380, according to OpenSea data. Additionally, the first collection recorded over 1,200 sales, with its trading volume skyrocketing by over 800%, indicating people were looking to exit. 

Despite the buzz around the first collection fading out, the success of the second collection didn’t stop the former President from gloating on social media about how much of a nice guy he is.

Trump Insists He’s a “Nice Guy”

The launch comes as a surprise amid rumors of the 45th President exiting the NFT space. Trump took to his social network, Truth Social, dismissing the “Fake News” and highlighting his generosity towards his fans. 

Trump's Instagram Post about the second NFT collection's prices.

Trump’s Instagram Post about the second NFT collection’s prices.

He boasted that he isn’t raising the prices for his trading cards, despite them selling for “many times more” and wanted his fans to make money and have fun while doing it. The Republican icon claimed he could have raised the price and still received positive reception, but he chose not to because he wouldn’t be given “nice guy credit.” 

Adding to the nice guy narrative, Trump also posted on Instagram for the first time since January 6, 2021. The polarizing President’s posts come after Meta recently reinstated his access to their social media platforms.

However, the ex-Commander in Chief’s attempts were in vain as he drew scrutiny on the social media platforms for attempting to shill users with a “mediocre” NFT collection. 

On the Flipside

  • President Donald Trump has clarified the digital trading card NFTs will have nothing to do with the 2024 elections. 
  • The Ex-President recently pleaded not guilty to 34 felony criminal charges. 
  • According to a US Office of Government Ethics filing, the notorious leader bagged up to $1 million via NFTs. 
  • According to OpenSea, the floor price of the first series of Donald Trump NFTs has peaked at 0.69 ETH or $1365.

Why You Should Care

Donald Trump NFTs are one of the hottest collections this year. They are highly speculative, moving up or down by large numbers when the former President delves into controversy, which is quite often.

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