Tether’s New CEO Charts Ambitious Company Growth Path

Paolo Ardoino’s new role as Tether’s CEO signals a transformative era for the cryptocurrency issuer’s global expansion strategy.

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  • Tether has undergone a strategic shift under its newly appointed CEO.
  • Ardoino has cautioned about the current state of Web3, offering his perspective on its potential and pitfalls.
  • A decentralized app fostering global crypto adoption has been deemed as Tether’s secret weapon.

Tether, a leading cryptocurrency issuer, has announced the appointment of Paolo Ardoino as its new CEO. Ardoino, who has previously served as the company’s chief technology officer since 2017, assumes the reins at a pivotal moment in Tether’s trajectory as the company embarks on an ambitious expansion strategy.

Ardoino Pushes for Greater Crypto Influence

Ardoino’s elevation marks a meticulously planned transition aligned with Tether’s strategic focus on diversifying its product offerings and expanding its global footprint. Under his leadership, Tether is poised to solidify its position as a cornerstone of the cryptocurrency ecosystem further.


“Tether is not just about USDT,” Ardoino asserted during an interview with Cointelegraph. “We are transforming into an infrastructure provider for the crypto ecosystem.” This transformative vision underscores Ardoino’s commitment to propelling Tether beyond its flagship stablecoin, USDT, and establishing it as a driving force in the broader crypto landscape.

While expressing enthusiasm for the potential of Web3, Ardoino cautioned against the hype surrounding its current state, referring to it as a “bubble.” He emphasized the importance of building a tangible ecosystem rather than merely conceptualizing real-world assets.

Tether to Boost Crypto Adoption Via Keet

A key pillar of Tether’s expansion strategy is its involvement with Keet, a decentralized communications app where Ardoino serves as Chief Strategy Officer. Inspired by the BitTorrent protocol, Keet facilitates real-time communications by enabling users to connect directly via their IP addresses, offering a cost-free service.

Ardoino anticipates that Keet will play a significant role in driving the adoption of Bitcoin and USDT worldwide. While Keet currently generates no revenue, Ardoino envisions it as a crucial tool for fostering global adoption of Tether’s stablecoin and the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

On the Flipside

  • Keet’s current lack of a monetization strategy raises questions about its long-term sustainability as a tool for driving global adoption.
  • Ardoino’s cautionary stance on Web3 being a “bubble” might downplay this evolving technology’s potential innovation and transformative aspects.

Why This Matters

Ardoino’s vision to expand Tether’s role and the alignment with Keet’s decentralized communications platform indicates a pivotal step towards shaping the future landscape of cryptocurrencies and their real-world applications.


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