Solana Releases Update to “Alleviate the Ongoing Congestion”

Solana developers tackle network congestion issues with a new update release.

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  • Solana developers have released a new update.
  • The update aims to solve a big issue that has plagued the network recently.
  • More updates to address the issue will follow Monday’s release.

Solana developers have announced a new update with significant enhancements that will “help alleviate the ongoing congestion” on the network.

Congestion issues plagued Solana in recent months, with the memecoin frenzy driving up user activity and demand for the network.  On April 8, the network’s congestion reached a critical point, with on-chain data revealing that 70% of non-voting transactions were delayed or failed.

Solana Devs Response to Ongoing Network Congestion

According to an April 15 X (Twitter) post by Solana developers, a new software update termed the v1.17.31 release “is now recommended for general use” by mainnet validators to tackle the congestion problem on the network.


“The v1.17.31 release is now recommended for general use by MainnetBeta validators. This release contains enhancements which will help alleviate the ongoing congestion on the Solana Network,” the developers wrote.

The update was released by Anza, a Solana-focused dev shop that builds the Solana client Agave, developer tools, and more. The group urged validators to upgrade “when there’s less than 5% delinquent stake” and ensure they have enough time to monitor their nodes after upgrading.

In a separate post, Rex St. John, the head of developer relations at Anza, said the Monday release contained the first round of Solana mainnet congestion updates that “everyone has been waiting for.”


Noting that additional updates were coming, the lead dev stressed that Monday’s release differed from v1.18, implemented on Solana’s devnet to stabilize network performance and support the ecosystem’s recovery.

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