Solana Labs Launches Bond for Blockchain Loyalty Programs

Solana Labs launches Bond, a platform using blockchain technology for consumer loyalty programs for digital collectibles and more.

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  • Solana Labs launches Bond for blockchain-based customer engagement.
  • Bond enables direct brand-consumer interactions through blockchain.
  • The project features digital collectibles, product authentication, and passports.

In today’s competitive consumer marketplace, loyal customers are highly valued, and businesses are ready to do almost anything to acquire them. A key Solana organization thinks that blockchain is the answer these businesses need. 

Recently, Solana Labs unveiled Bond, a platform that leverages blockchain technology to help companies run loyalty programs with advanced features. 

Solana Labs Boosts Customer Engagement with Blockchain

On Wednesday, June 12, Solana Labs launched Bond, a blockchain-based platform to enhance customer engagement and loyalty programs. Unlike traditional platforms, Bond will enable companies to maintain a direct link with their customers through the Solana blockchain.


The platform also has several features that leverage blockchain tech for better consumer retention. One is the ability to issue custom non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for marketing campaigns. This approach is what many brands already experimented with, from Starbucks to Ducati.

Bond also enables blockchain-based authentication of luxury products, tackling the issue of counterfeit goods. In addition, Bond introduces digital product passports (DPPs), which provide detailed information about the product, including both the materials and the production process, aiming to enhance transparency and build consumer trust. 

How Brands Use Blockchain For Loyalty

Solana is not new to consumer loyalty programs. In April 2023, the Solana Foundation partnered with coffee shop chain Boba Guys to launch its blockchain-powered consumer loyalty program. Moreover, other brands have launched their own initiatives that use blockchain for consumer loyalty. 


Luxury brands, including LVMH, Prada, and Cartier, launched the Aura Blockchain Consortium, which uses blockchain technology to verify the authenticity of luxury goods. The initiative aims to boost loyalty by tackling the issue of counterfeit goods. 

Earlier, brands like Starbucks and Walmart launched their own NFT and Metaverse loyalty programs. However, Starbucks has since discontinued its NFT loyalty program, and reports surfaced that Polygon actually paid for the partnership to gain exposure. 

On the Flipside

  • While some blockchain features, like product authentication, showed promise for consumer loyalty, others fared worse. Notably, NFT rewards only engage a small number of users, limiting their usefulness for companies. 
  • Despite the limited reach of their campaigns, many major brands, including Nike and Adidas, continue to experiment with NFTs.

Why This Matters

Solana Labs’ Bond platform can significantly impact how brands use open blockchain technology. If the platform picks up, it will support the narrative around blockchain’s innovative potential for companies.   

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