Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Pledges to Protect Bitcoin When President

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. voices his concerns about governments controlling citizens, pledges to protect and promote Bitcoin when president.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. holding a Bitcoin.
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  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. highlighted Bitcoin could help citizens achieve financial freedom.
  • The presidential candidate vowed to protect the asset and enact crypto-friendly laws. 
  • Kennedy Jr. also expressed his plans to back the US dollar with cryptocurrencies. 

US Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is often at the forefront of promoting the crypto industry’s prowess, particularly Bitcoin. He has consistently voiced concerns about the United States’ strict approach to regulating the crypto sector, often vowing to fight against it. 

In a recent interview with Bitcoin Magazine, the 69-year-old reaffirmed his commitment to the crypto sector, pledging to protect Bitcoin as president. 

Bitcoin Cure to Government Control

On Wednesday, October 4, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. shared valuable insights into his political vision, the US dollar, and his commitment to paving the way for cryptocurrencies. 


He began by expressing his deep appreciation for freedom of transactions, revealing that his interest in Bitcoin was sparked by the Ottawa trucker protests, during which protesters’ bank accounts were frozen.

Voicing his concerns about governments being capable of silencing their critics, Kennedy Jr. highlighted the need for a currency that is independent of manipulation and government influence. 

The presidential candidate emphasized Bitcoin’s role in achieving financial freedom and vowed to safeguard the asset and allow users to maintain control of their wallets. Outlining his political agenda regarding cryptocurrencies, Kennedy Jr. detailed his plans to protect and promote crypto transactions, pledging to enact legislation that would treat cryptocurrencies as currencies rather than commodities during his presidency.


Additionally, the politician revealed his intent to explore the possibility of backing the US dollar with cryptocurrencies and tangible assets such as gold, silver, and platinum, offering an alternative to traditional fiat currency while it faces threats from rising debt and organizations like BRICs 

On the Flipside

  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. labeled Bitcoin as an exercise in democracy during his speech at Bitcoin Miami. 
  • The US House Financial Services Committee recently advanced a set of groundbreaking crypto bills that would provide much-needed clarity to the sector. 
  • The SEC recently came under scrutiny for consistently delaying Bitcoin spot ETF approvals. US lawmakers found the commission’s reasoning in denial of Grayscale’s application to be “arbitrary and capricious” and called for immediate approval

Why This Matters

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stands as a prominent figure in both politics and the cryptocurrency landscape. His dedication to safeguarding Bitcoin resonates strongly with crypto enthusiasts who have borne the brunt of the US government’s stringent stance on cryptocurrencies. This commitment may prove instrumental in garnering support from this tech-savvy voting bloc and shaping the trajectory of the industry. 

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