Ripple’s XRP the Dominant Choice Among Young Crypto Investors

Investors in their twenties have exhibited assertive altcoin preferences, reflecting agile strategies in the cryptocurrency market.

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  • Altcoins have taken center stage as 20-year-olds showcase a bold market approach.
  • Ripple has emerged as a favored altcoin choice, exceeding Bitcoin and Ethereum’s appeal.
  • Expert insights have hinted at a trend focused on agile gains over stability.

An insightful analysis reveals a distinct investment pattern among cryptocurrency investors in their twenties. These individuals showcased a propensity for more assertive investment strategies compared to other age groups. 

Young Investors Favor Altcoins Over Bitcoin and Ethereum

Research done by News1 Korea shows that altcoin investments on Bithumb, a domestic virtual asset exchange with 6 million users, constituted only 17.5% of the total investments on the platform. This figure stands as the lowest across all age brackets, with the exception of investors in their twenties, who demonstrated a stronger preference for altcoins over Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Among investors in their twenties, a notable, 82.5% directed their investments towards altcoins, excluding Ethereum. This decision to opt for slightly more volatile altcoins indicates a more aggressive investment stance compared to older age groups.

Ripple emerged as the most favored altcoin among these young investors, capturing 20.7% of their altcoin investments. This exceeded the allocation for Bitcoin and Ethereum by 3.2 percentage points.

Ripple’s popularity remained consistent across various age groups. Its investment proportion ranked highest for those in their twenties (20.7%), followed by thirties (17.0%), fifties (14.9%), sixties or older (13.8%), and forties (11.8%).

Short-Term Gains Drive Twenties Demographic

Conversely, the age group that leaned most towards Bitcoin and Ethereum was the thirties cohort, with an allocation of 28.2%, closely approaching the 30% mark.


Regarding the investment proclivity observed within the twenties demographic, Kim Dong-hwan, the CEO of Wonderframe, an expert in domestic virtual assets, remarked, “It appears their investment orientation is aimed at reaping short-term gains rather than fostering long-term investment strategies.” 

He continued by shedding light on their agility in promptly responding to transient market dynamics, elucidating their inclination towards short-term maneuvers over extensive market perspectives.

On the Flipside

  • While investors in their twenties showed an affinity for altcoins, Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to dominate the cryptocurrency market, drawing investments from older age groups.
  • Investors in age groups over the twenties group displayed a higher allocation towards Bitcoin and Ethereum, possibly indicating a more mature and long-term investment approach.

Why This Matters

The investment preferences observed among young cryptocurrency investors hold intriguing insights into the crypto landscape. This trend signifies a departure from conventional investment strategies, indicating a possible shift towards shorter-term gain pursuits.

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