Rebase Brings Web3 Gaming to Real Life with Powerful AR Tech

Rebase’s IRL Cup blends Web3 gaming with real-world exploration, featuring AR technology and $IRL token rewards.

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  • Rebase launches IRL Cup, integrating AR exploration with Web3 gaming.
  • Participants will compete for 5,000,000 $IRL tokens.
  • They leverage Blockchain, AR, and VR for a geolocation-based gaming experience.

The digital landscape rapidly evolves, blurring the lines between virtual experiences and real-world interactions. As blockchain, Web3, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) advance, companies build experiences that transcend worlds. 

Most recently, Rebase, a Web3 gaming company, has announced the launch of an event that blends virtual reality with physical activity. 

Rebase’s IRL Cup Merges Real-World with Web3 Gaming

In a significant development in the Web3 gaming arena, Rebase has announced the launch of its IRL Cup, which will start on December 24th, 2023. This three-month event marks a revolutionary convergence of real-world exploration with digital gaming, leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, AR, and VR. 


The IRL Cup blends physical activity with the excitement of virtual gaming seamlessly and engagingly. Moreover, it offers substantial rewards to participants. Rewards total 5,000,000 $IRL tokens across three categories: “Play-time,” “Distance Covered,” and “Items Collected.” At the current IRL token price, the rewards amount to $1.4 million dollars. 

Edmond Truong, co-founder of Rebase, notes that connecting digital assets with collectibles could significantly impact advertising. This technology could transform how businesses and creators connect with their audiences. 

Rebase is building on a growing AR trend among tech companies with its IRL Cup. Significantly, technology giants like Meta (formerly Facebook) and Apple are investing heavily in AR. 


Meta, leading the charge in this field, has invested billions in its vision for the Metaverse. However, this investment has been met with major skepticism from investors and users alike. 

Similarly, Apple has entered the AR tech space, launching its Vision Pro headset. This product and the continuous updates to ARKit for iOS show a commitment to this space. 

Beyond AR and VR, there’s a growing interest in geolocation-based experiences. Pokémon GO is a notable early example of blending the digital and physical worlds in a gaming context.

On The Flipside

  • VR and AR tech raises questions about safety and privacy. Understanding what data users give up to the platforms is crucial. 
  • Blockchain tech has advantages when it comes to building AR experiences. Because AR requires so many resources and community support, the decentralized nature of blockchain is a key advantage. 

Why This Matters 

By merging physical exploration with digital gaming, Rebase is paving the way for new forms of digital interaction. This event is important for the tech community as it showcases the potential of combining AR, VR, and Blockchain tech. 

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