Radix’s $10M Plan to Boost DeFi Liquidity Explained

Radix unveils Project Ignition, a $10M initiative designed to double DeFi liquidity through matching XRD incentives and impermanent loss protection.

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  • Radix’s Project Ignition aims to boost liquidity on the network. 
  • Provides liquidity providers with up to 20% of their liquidity value in XRD upfront.
  • The project will refund trading fees and impermanent loss protection.

In decentralized finance (DeFi), liquidity remains a critical factor for determining the level at which platforms and projects can operate. Without sufficient liquidity, projects are at the mercy of wild swings in market prices, costly transactions, and slow execution. 

Therefore, Radix, a layer-one protocol designed specifically for DeFi, launched Project Ignition, a $10M fund to significantly enhance the liquidity of key digital assets on the platform. 

Radix Unveils Plan to Match Liquidity on Platform

Scheduled to go live on March 14, Project Ignition is a $10 million liquidity incentive program initiated by the Radix Network for major tokens such as ETH, wBTC, USDC, and USDT. It aims to boost liquidity on the Radix platform by matching liquidity providers’ (LPs) contributions with an equal amount of XRD, the network’s native token. 


Under the reward scheme, LPs can earn up to 20% of their provided liquidity value in XRD upfront, depending on the lockup period, ranging from 9 to 12 months. This incentive is coupled with earnings from trading fees

LPs also benefit from a value guarantee for outperforming the assets they provide, up to 4x, with further protections extending beyond that. Radix also claims that LPs have 100% protection against XRD impermanent loss

How LPs Can Take Advantage of Project Ignition

To benefit from Radix’s program, LPs must first bridge their assets into the ecosystem. This can be done through Instabridge, which supports the transfer of major cryptocurrencies into their wrapped versions on Radix. 


To be eligible for this, LPs must first complete the KYC process using Instapass. This step is crucial for maintaining the integrity and security of the DeFi ecosystem on Radix​​.

Project Ignition is integrated with leading Radix DEXs such as Ociswap, CaviarNine, and DefiPlaza. LPs can choose from these platforms to supply liquidity and receive incentives.

On the Flipside

  • The rewards LPs receive, including the upfront payment in XRD, depend on the lock-up period of their liquidity.
  • Impermanent loss occurs when the price of a crypto asset changes compared to when it was deposited into a pool. 

Why This Matters

Project Ignition emphasizes the significance of liquidity for the functioning and growth of decentralized finance platforms. By introducing a $10M liquidity incentive program, Radix aims to address one of the crucial challenges in DeFi – the availability of liquid assets to facilitate trading activities.

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