QuickNode to Supercharge Businesses with ZkSync Hyperchains

Quicknode brings on demand zero-knowledge infrastructure for its clients.

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  • QuickNode has added support for zkSync Hyperchains. 
  • The blockchain infrastructure provider will now enable clients to access zk-technology on demand. 
  • QuickNode aims to expand enterprise blockchain adoption with its zkSync Hyperchains. 

QuickNode is dedicated to empowering builders with essential tools and resources so they can create incredible products. As part of its commitment to facilitating clients with the latest technology, the leading blockchain infrastructure provider is tapping into zero-knowledge (zk) infrastructure, particularly Hyperchains, that can supercharge businesses with unparalleled security and data privacy. 

QuickNode Offers zk on Demand

QuickNode recently introduced support for zkSync Hyperchains, allowing its clients to access zk-technology on demand. 

Hyperchains are zkEVM instances that operate alongside the zkSync mainnet, utilizing a modular zk-stack that makes it easy to customize and deploy interoperable ZK-powered blockchains.


As part of QuickNode’s custom chains solution, zkSync Hyperchains will empower businesses to build highly scalable solutions without compromising speed and security. The new solution also promises unrivaled data privacy thanks to the underlying zero-knowledge framework, making them ideal for enterprise use cases. 

Vassilis Tziokas, Head of Enterprise at Matter Labs, commented, "Hyperchains serve as an excellent entry point for enterprises to join the web3 ecosystem through a customizable technology stack tailored to their specific requirements.”
“In order to expand adoption of blockchain and zk technologies in the enterprise space, it is important that companies like QuickNode support the seamless development of hyperchains, making them available to a wider community." Tziokas added. 

To bolster enterprise blockchain adoption, Quicknode addresses key challenges in speed, scalability, and privacy with its zkSync hyperchains. 

Quicknodes Looks to Catalyze Enterprise Adoption

Enterprise blockchain adoption has been relatively impaired by limitations inherent to existing blockchain frameworks, mainly in speed and scalability. Despite Ethereum’s status in the DeFi space, issues like network congestion persist, prompting the adoption of newer layer-2 solutions like Polygon zk-Evm and zk-Sync roll-ups to alleviate these issues.


Quicknodes looks to enable enterprises to tap into the upside of building on blockchains without performance constraints through Hyperchains that are highly configurable and interoperable with cross-chain functionality. 

QuickNode’s modular approach to custom chains also empowers enterprises to instantly create blockchain solutions covering a wide range of sectors within a fast and highly secure environment. 

On the Flipside

  • Despite being built to be more resilient than existing solutions, zkSync has frequently suffered from network outages in 2023. 
  • zkSync is the third-largest Ethereum Layer-2 project with $561 million in TVL.

Why This Matters

Zero-knowledge technology is quickly gaining pace thanks to its unrivaled security and privacy. With QuickNode’s Hyperchains, businesses can now leverage cutting-edge technology on demand, ensuring they stay at the forefront of innovation without any delays.

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