Uniglo (GLO) Outpaces Cryptos Like Stellar (XLM) And Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Due To Bullish Demand In The Last Two Weeks

While the crypto space has been struggling recently, it isn’t all bad news, far from it. Some cryptocurrencies have actually been thriving.

While the crypto space has been struggling recently, it isn’t all bad news, far from it. Some cryptocurrencies have actually been thriving. This shows unbelievable potential at a time when most cryptos have been struggling. When confidence finally returns to the market (which it will at some point), these cryptos could be primed for huge successes further down the line. So if you want to set your portfolio up for strong gains in the coming months, you might want to consider reshaping your outlook and changing which tokens you have a major piece of. One of those tokens could be GLO, which has been showing incredible strength in the last few weeks, is up in price, and is still available at a discount during the presale. It has the chance to outpace other tokens in the crypto space by some margin, so now could be the perfect time to invest in it before much of the wider market catches on. When it does, prices could surge once more, so savvy investors who purchase it now could see even greater gains. Here’s why experts think GLO could be the next big thing in crypto:

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo (GLO) works with the innovative GLO vault, which is a strong and stable store of value that’s made up of a range of diversified assets like NFTs, cryptos, gold, and more. This gives an asset-pegged price base and store of value the likes of fiat lost long ago and helps create a completely deflationary token that cannot be printed or minted. It also gives holders the chance to own a slice of assets previously only affordable for the richest in society, as well as enjoy a diversified range of investments that aren’t over-reliant on any one asset (unlike many other cryptos, which simply follow the price of BTC).


Uniglo also uses an incredibly unique dual-burn mechanism to reduce supply over time, giving even more upsides for early investors. With GLO, you get the chance to invest at discount prices during presale and a token you can have full faith in as an inflation-busting weapon. That’s why bullish demand is increasing around GLO.

Stellar (XLM)

As an open network for money, XLM makes it easy to transact all sorts of digital assets in a user-friendly and open-source manner. It’s one of the biggest altcoins out there and still has a strong future. Although arguably not as strong as GLO has.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash was created as a fork from the main Bitcoin in order to create a more affordable and usable currency people could actually spend on real purchases. BTC itself was originally meant to be just that but became a speculative asset people no longer wanted to actually spend because they thought it was going to be worth more in the future. BCH is also faster and cheaper to transact, so it has real-world use opportunities. There’s still a lot of potential in BCH, but it’s perhaps GLO that has more potential right now.


GLO, BCH, and XLM all have strong chances of success in the crypto space. But there’s a reason why experts are picking GLO as the best option for your portfolio right now.

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