PancakeSwap Joins Cardano and BudBlockz as the Top Trending Tokens This Week

Cryptocurrency investments have made millions for many and you can also potentially earn huge gains if you identify and invest early in good projects.

Cryptocurrency investments have made millions for many and you can also potentially earn huge gains if you identify and invest early in good projects. BudBlockz ($BLUNT), PancakeSwap (CAKE), and Cardano ($ADA) are the top trending tokens this week and all three have come up with interesting updates that could help in ensuring a bull rally in the coming weeks. Here’s an overview of these three cryptocurrencies and the major updates from their ecosystem.  

Here’s how BudBlockz makes it easy for users to invest in Cannabis products and dispensaries 

BudBlockz is a new and upcoming ecosystem for the Cannabis industry. It will be utilizing blockchain technology powered by a cryptocurrency represented by the ticker symbol, $BLUNT. The $BLUNT Token is currently available on presale here. The current price of $0.025 is attractive enough for most casual retail investors. With a very affordable minimum investment of $50 required to participate in the presale, you will be able to bag yourself at least 2000 BLUNT tokens. The presale has generated huge publicity so far with around $1 million raised, and a whopping record number of $BLUNT tokens (36.2 million) have been sold already. 

Advantages of the BudBlockz ecosystem: 

  • Support for seed-to-sale tracking, logistics, fundraising, and data management.
  • Built on Ethereum with cross-chain interoperability. 
  • Ganja Guruz NFT collection to digitize real-world products, and to verify eligible members.
  • Passive income through DeFi and fractional ownership of NFTs. 

BudBlockz will also launch a wallet for users to safely store their assets and transfer them to other networks at the click of a button. All holders will get an opportunity to avail of attractive discounts on BudBlockz products and dispensaries. The $BLUNT Token has a fixed supply capped at 420,000,000 coins. The team will ensure a fair launch and all unsold tokens will be burnt. To ensure there are no rug pulls, the project has been audited by Solidity Finance and SolidProof. The team’s tokens have a vesting period of one year, which adds an added layer of security as they cannot sell tokens on launch and manipulate the price. 

The BudBlockz ecosystem is targeting the ever-growing Cannabis industry, which has huge potential and is estimated to exceed $175 billion in sales by 2030. The aim for BudBlockz is to work towards removing the current bottlenecks surrounding this sector. The $BLUNT Token could potentially reach for the moon once it gets listed on mainstream exchanges.  

Cardano achieves another milestone with a record 3.6M wallets

The Cardano network is the world’s first academically and peer-reviewed blockchain. It uses a cryptocurrency known as ADA. The Cardano ecosystem has become very popular as a layer 1 blockchain and supports diverse dApps along with support for DeFi Tokens and NFTs. As per reports, the Cardano chain has registered 3.6M wallet addresses in a growing sign of adoption for the ADA community. A total of 51.2M transactions have been conducted on the network with 1.22M delegated wallets. The ADA Token can also be considered as an investment for the medium to long term.  

PancakeSwap burns $31M worth of tokens

PancakeSwap is the largest decentralized exchange for the Binance Smart Chain network. It uses a native cryptocurrency known as the CAKE Token. PancakeSwap allows users to access DeFi and swap tokens with ease without risking their privacy. Holders of the $CAKE Token can also earn staking rewards and provide liquidity to the network. As per reports, a record $31M worth of $CAKE tokens were burnt recently. This activity helps in reducing the overall supply and will likely help the long-term prospects of the $CAKE Token. 

Always invest through the dollar cost averaging strategy to ensure long-term gains. The three cryptocurrencies discussed above could potentially yield huge returns in the long term. 

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