Interesting facts about crypto that not everybody knows

The rapid expansion of the crypto sector has led to its growing popularity and attracted a multitude of investors.

The rapid expansion of the crypto sector has led to its growing popularity and attracted a multitude of new investors. However, many crypto newbies never bother to know anything but the top 10 coins. Learning more about the crypto industry might not be the most fascinating or entertaining thing to do, so here are some surprising facts about cryptocurrencies that you most likely have not heard before.

1. The concept of crypto can be traced back to the 1980s.

Surprisingly for many, life in crypto started way before the creation of Bitcoin. David Chaum, an American IT professional, developed the notion of peer-to-peer digital money that could not be monitored in 1983. He published his hypothesis regarding encrypted digital cash in a scholarly journal the same year and also created his firm Digicash in 1989.

2.  HODL was born unintentionally.

One of the most unusual Bitcoin jargon words is HODL. It was created by a Bitcoin fan in response to the mockery of so-called crypto experts, for refusing to sell his coins. “I AM HODLING,” was his message on the forum. Although this was an obvious misspelling, it quickly became popular. Hodling is now a prevalent method in cryptocurrency trading all around the world. The original typo is also known as an abbreviation meaning “hang on for dear life.

3. There are over 2000 dead coins.

Many cryptocurrency initiatives have failed in barely over a decade. One of the websites recording dead coins, Coinopsy, displayed 2406 deceased cryptocurrencies at the time of writing this article.

But what are these “dead coins”?

These are crypto projects that have been abandoned, have no nodes, have ceased development, have proven to be frauds, have minimal traffic, or whose website is unavailable.

In 2013, a Welshman named James Howells threw away a hard drive holding 7,500 Bitcoins. He went in pursuit of the drive after realising how much Bitcoin’s value had climbed in previous years. He is now seeking to persuade his municipal council to permit him to excavate the waste, to find the drive. He claims to be offering a share of the revenues in exchange for the city authorising him to dig through the rubbish.

5.  It’s pretty hard to find a decent project in crypto field

While it is no secret that previous presales have made many crypto investors millionaires, many crypto newbies are unaware of presale tokens and the endless possibilities for exceptional profits they can bring.


There are several reasons why presale tokens are attracting more and more attention. Lower presale prices make it more affordable for many investors with smaller budgets. Presales coins are also regarded as more secure because their value cannot decline. This allows for a greater possibility of high returns. Currently offered in presale, Calyx Token (CLX) is expected to explode once its presale ends, so investing early might be a great idea.

Calyx Token is being created and developed to enable multi-chain cryptocurrency trading. The platform intends to evolve into a completely community-driven network, that will enable users to trade at the cheapest prices by sourcing liquidity from various liquidity sources. Utilising CalyxSwap, CLX tokens will be traded promptly in a single transaction, and users will get the exchanged tokens immediately.

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