DecentWorld to Revolutionise the Metaverse Real Estate Gaming

After the successful launch, innovative Swiss-owned, blockchain-based metaverse DecentWorld has joined the web3 movement to accelerate metaverse development worldwide.

The gaming industry, and the newly emerging virtual realms such as the metaverse, have opened the doors to new, unprecedented virtual economies that are projected to generate trillions in value. 
After the successful launch, innovative Swiss-owned, blockchain-based metaverse DecentWorld has joined the web3 movement to accelerate metaverse development worldwide. The brand new metaverse platform will revolutionize how users experience the metaverse, and gaming as a whole, by digitizing the real world to create a virtual economy that benefits everyone.

The gaming industry in particular is already experiencing an explosive rise of in-game economies that transition users from simply playing games, to being able to earn a genuine profit. 


Many are already familiar with in-game economies and the main principles of the play-to-earn model, which encourages players to spend time collecting digital Assets that they can later sell either in or outside of the game, thereby allowing them to make a living. 

Web3, with blockchain technology at the frontier, is advancing the process of decentralization, and empowering everyday users to benefit from being part of the network. This will end up creating millions of new jobs that no one could ever have imagined would exist. 

The DecentWorld digital real estate metaverse brings unprecedented solutions and a one-of-a-kind user experience to the industry. Powered by the carbon-neutral WAX blockchain, DecentWorld connects collectors, traders, agents, companies, and all those intending to explore the full potential of acquiring unique, digitally enhanced virtual assets and the investment opportunities in digital real estate. 

The creators of the DecentWorld metaverse introduced real-world value to the metaverse by bringing it to the next stage of digitization. The building blocks of the DecentWorld metaverse platform are the streets, and later the landmarks of the real world, digitized and made available on the virtual market as certified NFTs. These Assets make investing in the metaverse easier than ever.   


The creators of DecentWorld claim that the world has already moved beyond being a purely physical realm, so the acquisition of real-world Assets can be transferred to an immersive, virtual world powered by the most advanced blockchain technology available.

Anyone entering the DecentWorld metaverse can buy virtual real-world assets. 

Through the platform, virtual Street Assets can be combined into unique Collections. In going beyond the digital environment to generate real-world value, the Collections will generate yield to the NFT owners – the players – in the form of DWRLD tokens, DecentWorld native currency which fuels the metaverse’s economy. 

Digital real estate owners can also trade their digital Assets on DecentWorld’s P2P marketplace with other users around the globe, or withdraw them to other digital wallets. 

In the next phase of development, the platform plans to invite businesses to join the metaverse to further catalyze the DecentWorld’s unique virtual economy.

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