The Shopping Revolution: How Can Metaverses Like DecentWorld Reshape Old Habits

DecentWorld is a metaverse platform offering their users to acquire, stake, and trade geo-based virtual real estate NFTs

Shopping can be both therapeutic and exhausting, fun and mundane. And yet it only leaves a few unamused. Since the idea of selling goods on the internet was first introduced, there has been a clear distinction between physical and online shopping experiences. Whilst the traditional brick-and-mortar way of shopping gave us the ability to touch & feel, e-commerce was able to provide convenience and speed. 
DecentWorld, a metaverse platform offering their users to acquire, stake, and trade geo-based virtual real estate NFTs, plans to present a revolutionary approach towards shopping. Creators of DecentWorld say that metaverse is about combining the best from both real and digital worlds and redefining the way we shop forever.

Their Marketplace will feature interactive channels for socializing whilst scouting an extensive array of digital real estate NFTs, and most importantly – users will be able to experience it all through an immersive & realistic 3D environment.

Bringing the Social Allure Back

DecentWorld is already seen as one of the most valuable projects within the web3 ecosystem for many reasons, one of them being its innovative take on e-commerce. The team behind the metaverse platform has set out to bring the social aspect back by crafting an immersive 3D user journey, where users will be able to interact via live chat rooms, try the virtual goods out and overall explore shopping as an entertainment.


“Shopping online in the current online world is quite an isolating experience. You’re not able to interact, or feel the product, it is more or less a process of scrolling and adding goods to your basket. Our vision for the metaverse e-commerce is different. The end result is to give online shopping a realistic touch & social allure back, and lessen the isolation. With messaging features and the 3D environment developed, shopping on metaverse will be the definition of fun, efficiency and convenience,” the team says.

According to the DecentWorld’s team, their one-to-one copy of the real world with correctly indexed locations will become a key fixture, providing a solid foundation not only for shopping, but for additional experiences too, such as traveling, attending concerts, visiting galleries and more.

The platform features 12 million Street NFTs, all of which are copies of real world. The creators are planning to expand the Map soon, reaching a total of 18 million digital Streets. In less than two months since DecentWorld has been launched, the digital versions of top 100 famous streets worldwide were sold, and the total sales of the Street NFTs reached $19 million.

The next realverse developments are even more exciting: DecentWorld plans to add an immersive 3D layer with standalone NFT Buildings available to be added to the Marketplace, with developed immersive inside spaces. According to the project team, this will lay a quality foundation for future product plug-ins.

Further Plans for Business Integrations

Through DecentWorld, users can find digital copies of every street in the world, purchase them as NFTs, trade them with others, or hold them and combine them into the soon-to-be-launched Collections, thereby earning yield. 


DecentWorld is built on blockchain technology, therefore anything that users acquire becomes an NFT, providing full certified ownership. NFT Assets, due to their nature, will be able to be used, traded, or sold outside of DecentWorld within any other digital platform – a full interoperability.

During the next stage of the project, DecentWorld also seeks to strike up prospective partnerships and onboard various businesses. 

“The next step is to invite and onboard businesses, e-shops, restaurants, service providers—you name it. We are planning to open up our APIs to allow these possibilities from a technological standpoint,” DecentWorld’s creators shared.

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