B2Broker Expands Liquidity with NFDs, Reduces Margin Requirements, and Updates Liquidity Packages

B2Broker, a leading liquidity and technology provider in the FX and crypto landscape, is thrilled to announce the launch of Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs) as an extension to its liquidity services.

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B2Broker, a leading liquidity and technology provider in the FX and crypto landscape, is thrilled to announce the launch of Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs) as an extension to its liquidity services. The extensive range of asset classes supported by B2Broker’s services now includes Rolling Spot FX & Precious Metals, Equity Indices, Energies, Commodities, Crypto Derivatives/CFDs, Single Stocks/CFDs, ETFs, and NDFs.

NDFs Explained

NDFs are vital financial derivatives in international trade, providing a robust hedge against currency risk. These instruments equip businesses with potential safeguards against losses due to exchange rate fluctuations between two currencies.

Functionally, NDFs facilitate an exchange of the difference between a pre-set fixed exchange rate and the market exchange rate at a predetermined future date. Since NDFs are cash-settled, there’s no requirement for the physical exchange of base currencies.


In emerging markets, where local currency forwards may be impractical or unavailable, NDFs act as potent risk management tools. They offer businesses a cost-effective strategy for managing currency exposure, shielding them against potential losses in cross-border trades.

Supported NDF Currencies 

B2Broker supports diverse NDF currencies, presenting clients with opportunities to hedge currency risk in various emerging markets. The NDF currencies list includes the following:

  • USD/COP 
  • USD/IDR 
  • USD/INR 
  • USD/KRW 

Advantages of B2Broker’s Liquidity Offering

The primary advantage of B2Broker’s service is that it structures NDFs as Contracts For Difference (CFDs), thereby providing its customers with freedom and convenience. B2Broker clients can obtain payments on the following business day via CFD contracts, although the standard settlement term for NDFs is T+30. 

Offering the lowest commission rates in the market, B2Broker is dedicated to servicing a wide range of customers, from individual investors to large institutional players.

Reduced Margin Requirements on More Crypto CFDs

For the following currency pairings, B2Broker has reduced the minimum margin requirement from 20% to 10%:

  • BNB/USD 
  • DSH/USD 
  • TRX/USD 
  • XMR/USD 
  • ZEC/USD 
  • SOL/USD 
  • DOT/USD 
  • LNK/USD 
  • AVA/USD 

Updated PoP Institutional Liquidity Offer

B2Broker has updated its institutional liquidity offerings, now providing Prime Margin Account connections with trusted partners such as OneZero, PrimeXM, and Centroid. With this update, clients can benefit from direct access to STP|DMA (A book) trading conditions, which offer accurate market execution and complete transparency. B2Broker has also set up a 24/7 technical support system to ensure smooth operations. And in order to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible, B2Broker now offers a free setup of Prime Margin Accounts. 

Final Verdict

B2Broker has firmly established itself internationally as a leading entity in the B2B sphere. It offers extensive services, including Prime of Prime liquidity and innovative technologies tailored explicitly for financial institutions and cryptocurrency enterprises. 

Demonstrating its prominence as a top-tier liquidity provider, B2Broker’s robust liquidity provision incorporates more than 800 trading instruments, covering eight distinct asset classes. This extensive array of offerings equips its clientele with diverse and extensive trading opportunities.

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