Orbs Launches dLIMIT Tool to Boost DeFi Trading

Orbs’ latest launch, dLIMIT, aims to revolutionize DeFi trading by introducing limit order functionality to decentralized exchanges.

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  • Orbs announces the release of dLIMIT, a decentralized limit order solution for DEXs.
  • dLIMIT is designed to optimize trading efficiency, offering a user-friendly experience.
  • There’s significant interest from leading DEXs, with multiple integrations already in progress.

While decentralized finance (DeF) is still in its early stages, it is rapidly catching up with traditional solutions. The latest tool by Orbs will further boost DeFi’s capabilities. 

On Thursday, June 1, Orbs, a decentralized blockchain infrastructure provider, launched dLIMIT. This decentralized limit order tool aims to help decentralized exchanges (DEXs) provide a better experience for their users. 

Orbs’ dLIMIT: Boosting DeFi Trading

The DeFi space has long needed more sophisticated order types, with most DEXs traditionally offering basic market orders. 


For that reason, dLIMIT brings the limit order functionality to DEXs, thereby enhancing the trading strategies that users can employ. Orbs’ dLIMIT is integrated with leading DEXs such as QuickSwap and SpookySwap, registering millions of dollars in trading volume.

On the technical side, Guardians, Orbs’ network of permissionless validators, play a crucial role in the dLIMIT protocol. They monitor the dLIMIT Smart Contract, and when an order is open for bids, they calculate and submit a bid. This way, the validators optimize the protocol’s efficiency. 

dLIMIT is also designed to minimize gas fees and ensure optimal trade paths, closely tracking spot market prices. It also features a user interface template for seamless integration with any DEX. Thanks to these features, Orbs hopes DEX users will enjoy a more intuitive and user-friendly trading experience. 


Orbs hopes that DEXs will use its tool to boost users’ offerings. A company spokesperson said there was “already significant interest in the product from leading DEXs, with multiple integrations in progress.”

On the Flipside

  • DeFi has several key advantages to tradFi and centralized solutions. However, the DeFi space is still facing significant challenges with mass adoption
  • While the benefits of dLIMIT are clear, its effectiveness will depend on how well it integrates with existing DEXs. 

Why This Matters

DeFi is one of the most promising applications in the crypto space. dLIMIT is just one building block that will contribute to creating a competitive DeFi landscape. 

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