Optimism Introduces Framework to Guide Superchain Participants

The framework has received contributions from Coinbase’s Base developers.

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  • Optimism plans to transition to a multichain network.
  • Optimism Foundation has introduced a framework to guide participants in this network.
  • The framework has received contributions from Coinbase’s Base developers.

The idea of multichain networks is gaining traction amongst Ethereum Layer-2 solutions hoping to solve problems like fragmented liquidity, limited block space, and the need for multiple deployments of single solutions across multiple chains.

Optimism, one of the most popular Ethereum scaling solutions, is among projects working toward this multichain future. The project took its first steps toward transitioning to a multichain network with its Bedrock upgrade, which brought about security and speed improvements in May 2023.

Following the Bedrock upgrade, the Optimism Foundation has introduced what it believes to be the second step to achieving the multichain vision, which it has dubbed a Superchain future.

Optimism’s Law of Chains

In a Twitter thread on Tuesday, July 25, the Optimism Foundation introduced the Law of Chains, a framework to guide participants of its proposed Superchain ecosystem.

As the current draft outlines, the framework will apply to users, chain governors, and servicers. The Law of Chains creates standards for security and uniformity across the Superchain ecosystem. These requirements include the mandatory use of standard bridging protocols and simultaneous upgrades.

Optimism Foundation contends that the framework will allow participants of the Superchain to share a uniform and open block space, mutual improvements, and better infrastructure.

Enforcement of the Law of Chains will be conducted via Optimism Governance and does not impose a legally binding obligation. 

The proposed framework is currently open for community feedback. Following the feedback process, Optimism Foundation plans to formally introduce the final draft for voting during the next governance season.

The Law of Chains has received contributions from the teams behind Coinbase’s Layer-2 solution Base and Zora.

On the Flipside

  • Multichain ecosystems are not new in crypto. Popular examples of multichain networks include Cosmos and Polkadot.
  • Polygon is transitioning to a multichain network as part of its Polygon 2.0 roadmap.

Why This Matters

Optimism’s Superchain vision promises to improve the interoperability of Ethereum Layer-2 networks running on the Optimism codebase. The Law of Chains sets the requirements to make the Superchain a reality. 

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