Michael Saylor Sounds the Alarm on Bitcoin Scam Epidemic

Deepfakes infiltrate crypto as Michael Saylor and Brad Garlinghouse face off against AI-driven scams, exposing the vulnerability within.

Michael Saylor staring at a crypto chart stressed.
  • A rising tide of deepfake scams has targeted figures like MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor.
  • Saylor’s security team has dismantled 80 fraudulent videos every 24 hours.
  • The rapid evolution of AI has presented a double-edged sword for the crypto community.

In a worrying trend, Bitcoin enthusiasts are targeted by sophisticated scams that utilize deepfakes to impersonate prominent figures. Michael Saylor, the chairman of MicroStrategy and one of the world’s largest Bitcoin holders, recently sounded the alarm about a deluge of fake YouTube videos featuring him promoting Bitcoin giveaways.

MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor Warns of Fake Giveaways

Saylor’s security team, he revealed, is engaged in a daily battle against these imposters, taking down an average of 80 fraudulent videos every 24 hours. The videos typically depict Saylor urging viewers to scan a barcode and send Bitcoin for double the amount back, a classic scam tactic designed to lure unsuspecting victims.


"There is no risk-free way to double your #bitcoin, and @MicroStrategy doesn't give away $BTC to those who scan a barcode…Don't trust, verify," Saylor emphasized this in a recent X (formerly Twitter) post. 

Saylor is not the first victim of these AI-powered scams. In November 2023, deepfakes of Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse promoting fake XRP giveaways surfaced online. These incidents highlight the growing sophistication of AI and its potential for misuse in the digital realm.

How AI Threatens Crypto and What You Can Do

The rapid advancement of AI presents both opportunities and challenges for the cryptocurrency community. While its applications in areas like blockchain security and data analysis are promising, the ability to create hyper-realistic forgeries poses a significant threat.

Industry leaders and users must adopt a cautious approach to combat this emerging threat. Verifying the source of information and remaining skeptical of unrealistic promises are crucial steps in safeguarding crypto holdings. Additionally, avoiding sending funds to unknown addresses or platforms, especially those offering exorbitant returns, is essential.

On the Flipside

  • Exercising due diligence could mitigate the impact of these scams, shifting the onus from the technology to individual discernment.
  • As a double-sword, AI-driven solutions can adapt and evolve to counter deepfake threats, paving the way for innovative safeguards within cryptocurrency.

Why This Matters

Beyond the immediate concern for individual investors, this escalating sophistication underscores the pressing need for heightened vigilance and collective action to fortify the foundations of trust within the crypto ecosystem.


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