Laura K. Inamedinova, CEO of LKI Consulting: What Does It Take to Become Successful in the Crypto Industry?

LKI Consulting, says that you can start your career in crypto despite your age, gender, or background.

This is the inspiring story of a former physics student who now owns a successful consulting firm focused on tech companies. Laura K. Inamedinova, 26, a businesswoman and CEO of the consulting agency LKI Consulting, says that you can start your career in crypto despite your age, gender, or background. 

However, there are a few things to consider when stepping into the crypto market. During an exclusive interview with DailyCoin, Inamedinova shared her journey in crypto, her experience in creating a successful B2B marketing organization, and being a businesswoman in the male-dominated crypto industry. 


Founded in 2015, LKI Consulting is a London-based marketing agency that focuses on crypto projects. These projects are usually technical and complex, making it difficult to reach consumers. As marketers, the company’s goal is to translate difficult-to-understand topics into simple language. This is one of the reasons why LKI Consulting takes clients who are new to the crypto scene. 

“We use our expertise in the field to guide clients through the process and reach their target audience. For this, we create the best marketing strategies and execute them through social media, PR, leadership, content creation, sales material creation, and design. We are extremely lucky to be working with some of the most prominent names in the industry,”

Inamedinova told DailyCoin.

Beginning a Career in Cryptocurrency

During Inamedinova’s time in college studying physics, she realized that she didn’t feel passionate about becoming a scientist and began looking for other career opportunities, trying to find her muse in life.

Inamedinova first got into marketing for tech companies. In late 2016, she moved onto working on an ICO project, which wasn’t a popular concept at the time. It turned out to be incredibly successful. With the team, Inamedinova managed to raise a couple of million dollars. 

“When you finish one project, others start to approach you. I can say that it was sort of an accidental transition for me. Back then, I didn’t expect to become a big part of LKI Consulting.”

Becoming a Businesswoman in Crypto

“I am all about empowering women, and I always support women to get into the tech and crypto industry. What I love about crypto is that as it is a new industry, it gives everyone equal opportunities to succeed regardless of their age.

When I first started back in 2016, I was on the same level as someone who was in their late 40s or 50s. In other industries that are already established and more mature, you don’t have this advantage as a young person. Therefore, I am really advocating for women to come into this industry in which we have an equal playing field,” 

Inamedinova shared.


The founder of the consulting agency is a big advocate of cryptocurrency investments. She started investing and making a passive income at a very early age, which gave her more opportunities to further invest and accomplish personal goals. 

“This is something I would suggest to everyone, especially women. I believe it is important to put it out in the world that crypto is not only for finance bros.”

Getting a Degree in Blockchain

“I highly recommend anyone who wants to have a tech-related career to look into Blockchain and Crypto because Crypto is here to stay,”

Inamedinova said.

“There is even one university in Cyprus, University of Nicosia, at which you can get a master’s degree in Blockchain and Digital Currency.”

There are also other opportunities to learn about crypto. What helped Inamedinova get into Crypto was online sources such as YouTube and Twitter. Those with the right education, knowledge, and understanding of cryptocurrency will be frontiers of the industry.

Who Is Going to Make It in the Crypto Market?

According to Inamedinova, here are some characteristics of a person that can make a great career in the crypto market: 

  • Genuinely interested in innovation and new technology, driven by learning more and being ambitious. 
  • Enjoys spending time in front of a computer, since researching and spending countless hours understanding very complex topics are needed.
  • Is able to use analytical thinking to understand complex concepts.
  • Has strong people skills for this very community-based industry.
  • Believes in the industry a bit fanatically, staying even through the lows.
“I am very fortunate with the team I have at LKI Consulting. These are really hardworking, smart people who are generally interested in crypto. They are excited to be paving the way for future generations.”

Inamedinova bought her first Bitcoin in early 2017 and is a true believer in cryptocurrency, foreseeing her agency focusing on crypto companies. The LKI Consulting team seeks to continue servicing such companies to make the crypto community more accessible and transparent for the everyday user. 

“I will be trying my best to educate the masses on the unseen potential of the crypto industry and taking a stand on crypto penetration across different markets. Other than that, I guess I see myself buying a few more Birkins with profits from Bitcoin,”

Inamedinova concluded. 

On The Flipside

  • Even though cryptocurrency is showing strong potential, succeeding in the crypto market is challenging and comes with risks.
  • Marketers in crypto always have to be on their toes, adapt, and offer diverse ideas to evolve and gain validation.

This article is for information purposes only and should not be considered trading or investment advice. Nothing herein shall be construed as financial, legal, or tax advice. Trading forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs pose a considerable risk of loss.