Is Bitcoin’s Price Plunge Linked to Hedge Fund Exodus?

A major sell-off by hedge funds is raising questions about whether Bitcoin is headed for another price plunge.

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  • Bitcoin’s price has recently plunged below $65,000, causing panic in the market.
  • This shift in hedge fund behavior could be a key factor behind the price drop.
  • Historically, similar hedge fund actions have preceded a significant Bitcoin bull run.

Bitcoin’s recent plunge below $65,000 sent shockwaves through the cryptocurrency market, leaving many scrambling for answers. While the exact cause remains murky, a significant shift in the behavior of cryptocurrency hedge funds has emerged as a potential key factor.

Hedge Funds Slash Bitcoin Exposure

Over the past twenty trading days, hedge funds have slashed their exposure to Bitcoin at an alarming rate. According to market data, their holdings have dwindled to a mere 0.37, marking the lowest level since October 2020. 

BTC/USD Daily Chart.
BTC/USD Daily Chart. Source: TradingView

This dramatic retreat is starkly evident when compared to historical trends, raising questions about their motivations and potential implications for Bitcoin’s future. To understand the impact of hedge fund activity, it’s crucial to consider the concept of beta. Beta measures how closely an investment’s performance mirrors that of another asset.


 In the case of crypto hedge funds, a beta value of 1 indicates their performance moves in tandem with Bitcoin’s price. Conversely, a beta less than 1 signifies reduced exposure. The current beta of 0.37 suggests that hedge funds are considerably less susceptible to Bitcoin’s price fluctuations than they were in the past.

Intriguingly, the last time hedge fund exposure dipped this low, in October 2020, it preceded a significant bull run for Bitcoin. This historical context adds weight to the theory that hedge funds may be anticipating further price drops or increased volatility. 

BTC Price Slips Below $65,000

Their decision to withdraw from Bitcoin could be driven by various factors, including internal investment strategy adjustments, broader macroeconomic concerns, or looming regulatory uncertainties.


Regardless of the specific reasons, the reduced exposure from hedge funds has likely contributed to the selling pressure on Bitcoin. With less capital backing the cryptocurrency, the price slipped below the critical $65,000 support level. 

Given the substantial financial clout wielded by hedge funds, their actions can significantly influence market sentiment and price movements. The current market mood and price volatility are likely interconnected, with each factor feeding into the other and creating a complex dynamic.

While the full picture behind Bitcoin’s recent slump remains to be seen, the dramatic shift in hedge fund activity presents a compelling piece of the puzzle. As the market grapples with this development, the coming days and weeks will be crucial in determining Bitcoin’s next move.

On the Flipside

  • Historically, a similar drop in hedge fund exposure in October 2020 preceded a significant bull run for Bitcoin.
  • While hedge fund activity has coincided with the price drop, it does not necessarily prove that it caused the slump.

Why This Matters

The fire sale by hedge funds, dropping their Bitcoin holdings to the lowest level in nearly four years, sheds light on a potential key driver behind the recent price plunge. This raises questions about whether they foresee a harsher correction or are simply hedging their bets, and their actions could significantly shape Bitcoin’s price trajectory in the near future.

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