Bitcoin Price Stumbles at $70K Again as Calls for $48K Arise

Bitcoin’s price faces renewed debate as analysts question whether bulls can control the market or if a drop is coming.

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  • Bitcoin price has been stuck around $67,000 after failing to break out earlier this week.
  • Analysts have debated if bulls can hold or this level or if a drop below $50,000 is coming.
  • On-chain data has shown Bitcoin whales have been accumulating BTC at the current price levels.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) is facing renewed scrutiny as analysts debate its next move. After a failed breakout attempt earlier this week, the leading cryptocurrency finds itself stuck in a familiar trading range of around $67,000. This has left many questioning whether bulls can maintain control or if a drop below $50,000 is on the horizon.

Bitcoin Sell Orders Stacked at $70,000

Veteran trader Peter Brandt offered a cautious outlook, highlighting the importance of the $60,000 support level. According to Brandt, a break below this point could trigger a significant decline towards $48,000. This aligns with Bitcoin’s last visit below $50,000 in February, just before its surge to record highs of $73,800.


Data from DecenTrader paints a similar picture, revealing significant sell orders stacked around $70,000 and above. Popular trader Skew believes a “new narrative” might be needed to overcome this resistance and propel Bitcoin higher.

However, not everyone is convinced of an impending downturn. On-chain data suggests that Bitcoin whales, large investors holding significant amounts of BTC, have been accumulating at current price levels. 

Whales Accumulate Bitcoin at Key Level

The number of entities holding at least 1,000 BTC is near all-time highs, a trend typically viewed as bullish by analysts like Willy Woo, creator of on-chain data platform Woobull. Woo argues that historically, these whales tend to sell during the peak of a bull run, suggesting there’s room for further growth before a potential reversal.

Data from CryptoQuant, a blockchain analytics platform, further supports this sentiment. It shows whale purchases exceeding $1.3 billion recently. This buying activity by large investors could indicate confidence in Bitcoin’s long-term prospects.


The coming days will be crucial for Bitcoin as it navigates this critical juncture. Whether bulls can defend the $60,000 support and recapture the momentum towards new highs, or if bears manage to push the price lower, remains to be seen.

On the Flipside

  • While whale accumulation suggests confidence in Bitcoin’s long-term future, it doesn’t necessarily influence short-term price movements.
  • While sell orders stacked around $70,000 indicate resistance, unexpected market events can cause these orders to disappear.
  • Regardless of the current debate, Bitcoin’s inherent volatility means price swings in either direction are always a possibility.

Why This Matters

This standoff between selling pressure and whale accumulation creates a tense environment for all cryptocurrency investors. If Bitcoin breaks below $60,000, it could trigger a cascade of selling and drag the entire market down. Conversely, if bulls can hold the line and push through resistance at $70,000, it could reignite a rally across the crypto landscape.

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