Illuvium: Zero Commences Alpha Phase, Launches Game on Major Platforms

  • Illuvium has announced the alpha launch of its upcoming mobile and desktop companion app Illuvium: Zero on major platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Android devices. 
  • Today, players holding an Illuvium Land Plot of any tier can play the game and manage their digital industrial complex. 

The developers behind the project recently shared that they’re hard at work, pushing to release as many projects as they can this year. The highly anticipated alpha launch is a milestone achievement for the Illuvium lineup this year and will reportedly be followed by other projects in Illuvium’s arsenal. 

One Step at a Time

Illuvium developers are striving to reach deadlines in 2023 and fulfill their long list of promises, despite the uncertain conditions in the market. The Illuvium: Zero alpha launch will allow Illuvium to cover significant ground in their roadmap for this year.

The Alpha release will be the first opportunity for Illuvium Landowners to play their Land plots in the game. The launch will also allow the development team to do large-scale testing and analysis of the game.

Illuvium: Zero will split the alpha testing for the companion app into two seasons. The first season, Season 0, will last for six to eight weeks. At the end of the season, all game data, including blueprints, will be wiped and reset. Season 0 aims to allow the development team to fix bugs, balance issues, and prevent any problems that may arise if player data needs to be reset.

Following Season 0, the game will commence Season 1, which will last until the Open Beta stage. The developers have announced that another data reset will occur at the end of Season 1. Illuvium shared that the earning economy will not be live in the Alpha version; however, players can mint the blueprints they researched as NFTs during the last few months of Season 1.

The minted NFTs will continue to exist beyond the Alpha data reset and can be used to craft skins in the Overworld once Illuvium reaches Open Beta.

How to Get Started

To access the alpha version of Illuvium: Zero, users must own at least one plot of land. Users can purchase land through Illuvidex. It’s important to note that free-to-play land plots will not be available during the alpha testing phase; however, they will be implemented in a future release. 

Additionally, the free-to-play plots will not be connected to the blockchain, so users won’t be able to transfer anything from the game.

To get started, users can navigate to Illuvium’s official website to download and install the game. Users must link their wallets to play the game for Illuvium to detect land in their inventory. Once everything is set up, players can start building, using fuel, and more. 

More details can be found in the FAQ section

On the Flipside

  • Illuvium reports that there are only 100,000 plots of land in total, and it sold the first 20,000 during its first land sale. 
  • The cheapest land offered by Illuvium costs 0.48 ETH or roughly $600, whereas the most expensive land costs 525 ETH or approximately $662,418 on the marketplace. 
  • Users can not rent land in the Alpha version of the game. 

Why You Should Care

The Illuvium ecosystem is one of the most successful and highly regarded ecosystems in Web3 gaming. Their lineup of games contains some of the most anticipated in the space. Illuvium’s arsenal is no stranger to awards, bagging multiple nominations in a recent game award show. 2023 will be an exciting year for Illuvium as they push out exciting new prospects. 


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