HSBC to Empower the London Gold Market with Tokenization

HSBC leads the charge in modernizing the London gold market with a groundbreaking blockchain-based platform for tokenizing physical gold ownership.

A man sitting on blockchain network holding digital pound in London UK.
  • The London gold market has transitioned from manual to digital, sparking a paradigm shift.
  • Tokenization has ignited flexibility in gold trading for major players and retail investors.
  • Beyond gold, HSBC has embarked on a grand plan to reshape the precious metals market.

The London gold market has long held a position of unparalleled global significance. Yet, despite its influence, this market has been bogged down by outdated and labor-intensive practices. 

With nearly 698,000 gold bars securely ensconced within vaults scattered across Greater London, boasting a staggering cumulative worth of approximately $525 billion, its role in shaping the international financial landscape cannot be understated. However, heralding a new era of transformation, HSBC Holdings Plc has introduced a groundbreaking platform.

Richard Bibbey, HSBC’s Global Head of FX, EM rates and Commodities, highlighted their pioneering role, stating: “As one of the earliest adopters of DLT, we are pleased to reinforce our leadership position in the gold market by tokenising physical gold. We continue to pave the way for improving the post-trade market infrastructure of capital markets.”

HSBC to Digitize Gold Ownership

HSBC’s solution to these outdated paper-based record-keeping and over-the-counter trading methods is a blockchain-based platform that tokenizes ownership of physical gold safeguarded within its London vault. 


John O’Neill, Global Head of Digital Assets Strategy, Markets and Securities Services, HSBC, expressed, “Tokenising physical gold represents a further advance in HSBC's overall digital assets strategy. In addition to demand for native digital assets, we are seeing appetite for tokenisation solutions that can maintain a link to specific real-world use cases, such as gold. Our approach to gold tokenisation complements HSBC Orion, and is part of our commitment to creating a world-leading set of digital asset capabilities to best serve the needs of our clients.”

This digital transformation empowers clients to engage in the trading of digital tokens representing tangible gold bars. Each token on HSBC’s system equals 0.001 troy ounces, starkly contrasting the standard 400 troy ounces for a London gold bar. 

This system introduces greater flexibility and accessibility in trading for both institutional and retail investors. Initially, the focus will cater to institutional investors, with HSBC expressing a keen interest in exploring opportunities for retail investors, contingent upon local regulations permitting such access.

HSBC Reimagines Precious Metal Trading

HSBC’s competitive edge stems from its global reach as one of the world’s largest custodians of precious metals and one of the four clearers on the London gold market, where daily transactions surpass $30 billion.


HSBC’s blockchain-based gold system forms part of a broader strategy to harness blockchain technology. The bank has already rolled out platforms like HSBC Orion, designed to facilitate the issuance and storage of digital assets, including digital bonds. 

On the Flipside

  • While HSBC’s blockchain-based platform is hailed for its potential to enhance transparency, it might not be entirely foolproof, and errors or vulnerabilities in the system could have unintended consequences in the gold market.
  • It remains to be seen how regulatory bodies will respond to HSBC’s initiative, and evolving regulations in the financial industry could impact the way blockchain-based gold is treated and traded.

Why This Matters

HSBC’s groundbreaking move to tokenize ownership of physical gold using blockchain technology signifies a significant step forward in modernizing the gold market. This innovation sets the stage for potential future expansions into other precious metals, making the entire market more accessible and appealing to a broader range of investors.

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