How Uniswap Is Making Swapping Easier with These New Tools

Uniswap Labs unveils new tools make swapping easier and smarter.

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  • Uniswap Labs has expanded its product suite.
  • The newly added tools promise to unlock smarter swapping for users.
  • The recent product suite expansion is the latest in a growing line of positives for the Uniswap protocol in recent weeks.

Over the past few weeks, Uniswap has sparked significant excitement within the crypto community, first with the unveiling of the protocols v4 release timeline and secondly with a proposal to offer extra rewards to UNI stakers from generated fees. 

In the latest instance, the protocol’s developers have unveiled new products that promise to provide greater ease and functionality to users.

Uniswap Unlocks Smarter Swaps For Users

On Tuesday, February 27, Uniswap Labs unveiled new tools to complement and bolster its decentralized exchange. These tools included a new Uniswap extension, a function for limit orders, and updated token and pool detail pages.

Uniswap Labs argues that its browser extension offers a better user experience than the competition. Domiciled in the browser sidebar, developers highlight that users can utilize the extension to transfer and swap assets anywhere on the web without annoying pop-ups obstructing their windows.


With the limit order function, users could place swap orders for a predetermined price within a specific time frame. 

“If it does not reach the specified price within the set timeframe, the swap expires and is never executed. This feature provides users with the ability to execute trades automatically at their desired price, without needing to constantly watch the market,” the team noted.

Developers noted that these limit orders would cost users zero gas. 


In addition to the new extension and the limit order function, the updated token and pool detail pages directly embedded in the web app promise to give traders real-time access to data like pool data and transaction logs.

At the time of writing, Uniswap remains the largest DEX by TVL, with over $5 billion, per Defi Llama data. Amid recent developments, the price of UNI, the governance token of the Uniswap DAO, has jumped over 49% in the past 14 days to trade above the $10 price point.

On the Flipside

  • The new browser extension is still in beta testing, with interested users required to join a waitlist.
  • Uniswap promises to offer more customizability and efficiency with the v4 upgrade.

Why This Matters

Uniswap is the largest DEX by TVL. The recent move by developers to expand the project’s product suite promises to make the platform easier to use and more robust.

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