Here’s What Changpeng Zhao’s Delayed Sentence Means for Him 

The sentencing hearing of the Binance founder, who recently reappeared on social media, has been postponed.

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  • The sentencing hearing for Changpeng Zhao for the criminal charges against him has been extended.
  • The former Binance CEO is currently based in the United States.
  • CZ has recently made an appearance on social media following a lengthy period of silence. 

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, and its founder Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, have weathered regulatory storms over the past years, marked by sanctions and legal proceedings with major authorities. In the latest, Zhao pled guilty to the DoJ’s charges of anti-money laundering laws violations in November 2023, triggering a $4.3 billion settlement and his ousting from the exchange.

But the rocky days for Binance and its founder are far from over. The former CEO has remained in limbo since his indictment, awaiting a sentencing hearing to determine his fate. While the hearing was originally scheduled for February 23, 2034, a rescheduling notice has altered the proceedings, postponing the trial to April 30.

Though the date has been pushed back, his situation remains unchanged.

What Does the Delay Mean?

CZ will remain grounded in the United States until the newly scheduled date, marking an additional 67-day extension to his approximate two-month stay since the ruling that he poses a “significant flight risk.”


Zhao’s attempts to facilitate a return to the UAE have repeatedly proven futile, countered by claims that his influential position in his home could enable his absconding. Prosecutors argued that this could be further complicated by the nonexistent extradition treaty between the United States and the UAE, making it difficult to hold the Binance founder accountable.

Changpeng Zhao’s potential sentencing remains up to 10 years. While his November guilty plea allows him to appeal any sentence above 18 months, prosecutors are likely to push for a harsher sentence, considering their stern approach to the legal saga so far.


Amid the uncertainties, however, Zhao appears in good spirits, as evidenced by his recent social media activity.

CZ Re-Appears

On February 9, the former Binance CEO, who had maintained a low social profile since his indictment, broke silence via X.

Zhao’s tweet was a simple well-wishing message for the commencement of the Chinese New Year, but it spurred a glimmer of hope among his supporters amid the ongoing legal debacle. 

His message was well received by his millions of followers, who responded with encouragement and queried the timing of his return.

Zhao has since returned to hiatus, and it is unclear whether he will soon make another appearance.

On the Flipside

  • The charges against CZ and Binance include facilitating illicit transactions for terrorist organizations, such as Hamas, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda.
  • CZ’s legal debacle has drawn mixed sentiments from industry figures, with some applauding the DoJ’s actions while others condemned them.
  • The resolution of the DOJ’s case is expected to pave a clearer path for the exchange. However, Binance remains embattled with the SEC in another legal saga.  

Why This Matters

The delay of Changpeng Zhao’s sentencing hearing prolongs the duration of the ongoing legal proceedings against him. The stern approach adopted by the prosecutors already suggests the gravity of his charges, and this extension introduces an additional layer of uncertainty to his already delicate situation. 

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