Gamma Launches Trustless Bitcoin Ordinals Marketplace

Gamma seeks to improve its infrastructure for ordinals and cater to the surging interest.

A couple looking at Bitcoin NFTs from Gamma.
  • Gamma has launched a trustless Bitcoin ordinals marketplace. 
  • The new marketplace will significantly improve the creation and trading of ordinals. 

Bitcoin ordinals have been brewing a storm this year. The rising demand for Bitcoin NFTs has led to significant spikes in network usage, fees, and more, calling for continuous development and innovation, especially from pioneers like Gamma. 

Interestingly, after creating numerous tools for the sector, Gamma has developed an innovative trustless marketplace that could take Bitcoin ordinals to the next level. 

Trailblazing Bitcoin Ordinals 

On March 20, Gamma unveiled a trustless Bitcoin ordinals marketplace in partnership with Hiro Wallet and Xverse. The platform aims to significantly improve its ordinal infrastructure and cater to the surging interest. 


Gamma’s new marketplace seeks to lay the foundation for ordinals by providing cutting-edge creator tools, APIs, third-party wallet extensions, and more with a user experience comparable to leading platforms like OpenSea and MetaMask. 

Jamil Dhanani, Founder and CEO of Gamma, shared

"As Ordinals become the bright spot in this crypto winter, our trustless Bitcoin ordinals marketplace showcases our commitment to an exceptional web3-native experience. By combining an open marketplace, cutting-edge creator tools, and seamless integrations with secure third-party wallet extensions, we're going beyond users' expectations in the evolving digital asset landscape."

Having spearheaded one of the first ordinals services to market, Gamma has produced over 30,000 ordinals on Bitcoin, representing nearly 10% of all inscriptions on the network. 


The platform is actively driving growth in the Bitcoin ordinals space, launching new tools to help creators. This has allowed Gamma to become a household name in the Bitcoin NFT sector. 

On the Flipside

  • Stacks, the underlying network for Gamma, surged by 60% ahead of a major upgrade.
  • Gamma recently launched a no-code creator platform for NFTs on Bitcoin. 

Why You Should Care

Gamma is an early adopter and pioneer in the Bitcoin ordinals industry. The platform consistently delivers high-quality tools to cater to the surging interest of the sector. The new marketplace seeks to propel Bitcoin NFT adoption while competing with top platforms like OpenSea and Blur. 

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