GameStop Mania: Are Roaring Kitty’s Tweets a Hidden Message?

Roaring Kitty’s movie clip meme spree fuels hidden message decoding frenzy, but others warn of manipulation.

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  • Roaring Kitty returns from an extended social media break, triggering a GameStop stock price surge.
  • Since returning, Roaring Kitty has been spam-posting countless shorts, leading some to believe a hidden message is contained within.
  • Others have voiced deep skepticism over Roaring Kitty’s return.

Roaring Kitty, AKA Keith Gill, an influential figure from the 2021 GameStop squeeze, unexpectedly resurfaced on social media this month after nearly three years of silence. Roaring Kitty’s return on May 13 had the effect of reigniting GameStop mania, sending its stock price 160% higher to peak at $64.90 on May 14. 

While GME has sold off significantly since topping, Roaring Kitty’s prolific posting on X has continued unabated. The content posted features a glut of seemingly random film clips, TV show excerpts, and the occasional meme, leading some to believe that the influencer is communicating a hidden message to those with eyes to see.

GameStop Hidden Message

The Roaring Kitty X account has been posting a dizzying array of movie clips and memes since his return on May 13, leading some to believe hidden messages are woven into the posts. There are no obvious consistent themes beyond many shorts being doctored to feature references to cats, GameStop, or mockery of bearish sentiment.


Nonetheless, die-hard GameStop supporters like wallstreetbets have been feverishly attempting to decode what they view as a reverse meme movie unspooling Roaring Kitty’s master plan. The random shorts convinced wallstreetbets to go “balls deep” into GME when trading reopens on Monday.

Others have taken the hidden message theories even further. X influencer Kinky Kong.AI claimed to have noted Morse code within the eye blinks of one of the shared video clips. Software engineer G-OHMie analyzed audio spectrograms and detected the secret message “hang in there” embedded in another Roaring Kitty post accompanied by the iconic hanging cat meme.

While some seek to decipher hidden meanings in the posts, an opposing narrative has emerged, casting doubt on Roaring Kitty’s motivations to lead a reprisal of 2021’s GameStop short squeeze.

Is Roaring Kitty’s Return a CIA Psyop?

Despite the belief that Roaring Kitty has returned to lead investors in a reprisal of 2021’s GameStop short squeeze, others have reacted with intense skepticism toward his resurfacing. Former SEC chair Jay Clayton called for Gill to appear on CNBC to explain his cryptic posting behavior if he truly cares about markets and investing as portrayed. 


However, Clayton also believed that Gill’s actions do not constitute insider trading, as “he is trading on his own information.”

More sinister theories have also emerged, with economist MikeCristo8 alleging that Roaring Kitty is a CIA asset deployed to divert investor capital from gold ahead of an impending “credit event.” Prominent Bitcoin bull Max Keiser echoed these claims, also accusing Gill of being a government operative.

Semi-retired hedge fund founder “₿ΞΞnThereDoneThat Capital” took a different angle, stating that the more Roaring Kitty posts “meaningless videos,” the more he is inclined to believe his Twitter account was sold, and the individual behind the recent deluge of tweets is an impersonator.

On the Flipside

  • Confirmation bias is the psychological phenomenon of ascribing events to fit a belief, no matter how seemingly obscure or random.
  • GME closed down 66% on Friday from the May 14 local top.
  • Retail investors and society in general have felt increasingly disenfranchised by the financial system and elite Wall Street interests.

Why This Matters

While Roaring Kitty’s return’s true intentions remain mysterious, investing calls cannot be made on baffling narratives and vague assumptions drawn from random shorts.

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