France’s Metaverse Experts Seek Alternative “French Strategy”

The French Government is seeking public input on the metaverse to shape its strategy and build alternatives.

French lady wearing a VR headset to explore France's Metaverse.
  • The French Economic Ministry is seeking public input on the metaverse.
  • The French government plans to use public opinion to form a metaverse strategy. 

Interest in the Metaverse remains despite major companies like Meta and Microsoft exiting the sphere in the last few months. With the sector predicted to become the next big thing, France’s government looks to involve the public in shaping its metaverse strategy.

Public Input

On Tuesday, April 11, France’s Directorate General for Enterprise, equivalent to the US Department of Commerce, issued a public survey seeking input from companies, associations, citizens, and researchers regarding the metaverse until May 2. 


The consultation encourages participants to express their concerns and expectations about the metaverse and help the French government form “an alternative to virtual universes currently offered by the international giants.” 

In the official notice, the Economic Ministry highlighted the sector’s growth, however, without using the term “metaverse.” The announcement stated that the term is still subject to discussion, and this consultation is an opportunity to question its relevance. 

Details About the Consultation

The survey will feature different polls for citizens, businesses, and other demographics, focused on the metaverse, the demand for virtual spaces, and the challenges involved. 

The citizen’s survey will ask them about their experience with the metaverse and blockchain technology, including their primary concerns and opinions. 


Subsequently, businesses and researchers will be asked about the problems that could hinder French companies’ progress in building metaverses, the demand for virtual spaces, and their vision for the sector. 

On the Flipside

Why You Should Care

The French Government’s call to the public displays its commitment to studying new technologies and setting standards for the industry by laying public-centric regulatory infrastructures. The survey could play an important role in helping the government set standards for the sector. 

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