Failed Bitcoin Challenge Sees Alex Jones Lose 10,000 BTC

Infowars host Alex Jones fumbles the opportunity to win a fortune by failing to answer simple Bitcoin questions.

Alex Jones looking over his shoulder as an alien steals bitcoins from his head through a door.
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  • Alex Jones fumbles the chance to win 10,000 Bitcoin.
  • The Infowars host had previously lost 10,000 Bitcoin gifted to him.
  • The challenge consisted of answering straightforward questions.

The value of Bitcoin has skyrocketed over 730 million percent since first being traded on the New Liberty Standard Exchange in 2009. At that time, Bitcoin was a niche technology that even tech experts knew little about. Fast forward to now, and despite its meteoric rise in value, cryptocurrency remains a mystery to many.

Among the uninformed is Infowars host Alex Jones, who had the opportunity to win 10,000 BTC (US$344 million at the current price) by correctly answering all five questions in a Bitcoin quiz set by broadcaster Max Keiser. Unfortunately, Jones failed to answer a single question correctly, highlighting the general degree of Bitcoin illiteracy among the public. 

The Bitcoin Quiz

During the Bitcoin challenge, the Infowars host failed to answer a single question correctly, which he later described as a “humiliation ritual.” Keiser was visibly disappointed after Jones fumbled the first question. This disappointment continued as Jones racked up each successive pass. 

You’ve lost this quiz already; you can’t even get a simpler question than that,” exclaimed Keiser after Jones had passed on the first question. 

Keiser’s questions were straightforward and relatively simple, making them accessible to anyone with a basic understanding of Bitcoin and the crypto landscape. They were:

  • How many Bitcoins will ever exist?
  • How often does the difficulty adjust?
  • What’s the core hashing algorithm called?
  • How often do new blocks form on average?
  • Is Craig Wright Satoshi?

Although Jones didn’t appear upset at fumbling the challenge, it was a missed opportunity to redeem himself after losing a 10,000 BTC gift from Keiser in 2013.

Alex Jones Lost 10,000 BTC Laptop

The Infowars host revealed that Keiser had gifted him 10,000 BTC over a decade ago during a now-removed 2021 interview with the Flagrant YouTube channel.  

Explaining what happened, Jones stated that in 2013, he was in North London covering the Bilderberg Conference that was taking place at the Grove Hotel in the Watford area. According to Jones, he was handed a laptop by Keiser that contained 10,000 BTC (valued at US$8 million at that time) and was told that Bitcoin was the future of money. Unfortunately, Jones later reported that he had lost the laptop.

On the Flipside

  • Jonesfailure to adequately prepare for the challenge highlights a lack of belief in Bitcoin’s potential
  • Keiser’s reported Bitcoin holdings of 12,000 tokens are likely understated. During the challenge, Keiser refused to clarify his holdings. 

Why This Matters

Jones’s fumbling two chances to gain 10,000 Bitcoin is significant as it highlights his early ignorance of Bitcoin’s potential, which is still the case over a decade later, as evidenced by his continued indifference to the subject matter. This suggests that mainstream adoption is still far off.

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