EOS Updates RAM System: Here’s What It Improves

EOS overhauls its RAM system, making it easier for users to use network resources.

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  • EOS has introduced a list of improvements to its RAM system. 
  • One of the major updates is Transferable RAM. 
  • EOS’ new RAM system looks to make accessing the network’s resources more accessible and efficient. 

At the heart of EOS lies its RAM system, a fundamental component underpinning the network’s performance and overall effectiveness. As the backbone for developers and every dApp within the ecosystem, RAM stores blockchain data such as contracts, account information, and other relevant data vital for the network to function. 

In a recent development, EOS announced a significant overhaul of its RAM system, introducing a suite of enhancements aimed at enhancing flexibility, efficiency, and overall utility for users and developers alike. 

EOS’ More Transparent and Scalable RAM System

One of the most significant updates EOS recently introduced is Transferable RAM, a groundbreaking feature allowing users to transfer RAM between accounts without incurring fees. 


Some of the key features include:

  • Zero fee transfers. 
  • Users can only transfer uncommitted RAM.
  • Both senders and receivers are notified. 
  • A 256-byte memo field for clear communication between parties. 

The update comes in response to RAM’s pivotal role in the network, considering its high demand among users and dApps.

Making EOS’ RAM More Accessible 

With these updates, EOS looks to make RAM management more fluid by enabling users to easily allocate and reallocate resources per their needs. 


Additionally, to further simplify RAM management, EOS unveiled a RAM Utilities App, offering essential features, including the option to buy RAM for any account, sell it to reclaim EOS, transfer it to other accounts, and burn RAM to remove it from circulation. 

Extrapolating the update’s effects on the RAM market, the network has also introduced RAM logging and notifications, significantly enhancing transparency by providing precise confirmation of bytes sent and received in RAM transactions and ensuring both parties clearly understand the transaction specifics. It also empowers smart contracts to utilize these notifications for more sophisticated contract interactions based on actual RAM usage metrics rather than the EOS amount spent. 

How Do the New Updates Affect EOS Users?

With these features now live, the EOS community can expect a better RAM management experience, marked by a more efficient, flexible, and user-friendly environment. As EOS continues to evolve, these updates are a significant step in the network’s journey toward optimizing resource management and utility. 

On the Flipside

  • EOS recently deployed its new consensus algorithm, Savanna, to significantly lower transaction finality speeds and increase efficiency. 
  • EOS ran one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in the crypto industry, raising $4.1 billion during its ICO.

Why This Matters

EOS’ new update opens up many new avenues for users and developers to access, allocate, and reallocate the network’s resources more efficiently and effectively.

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