Lawyers Reveal SBF’s Get-out-of-Jail Plans as Sentencing Nears

Unfolding SBF’s bizarre schemes: from going on Tucker Carlson to coming out with a strong anti-Binance message.

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  • New court documents reveal SBF’s wacky get-of-jail schemes.
  • Lawyers reveal a Google Doc filled with questionable ideas. 
  • Most of SBF’s plans involved blaming lawyers and the bankruptcy process. 

Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the disgraced founder behind the defunct crypto exchange FTX, is only days away from possibly spending the rest of his life behind bars. Just as his sentencing looms on March 28, in a dramatic turn of events, prosecutors have unveiled interesting revelations into the former crypto mogul’s schemes to evade incarceration, many of which are quite bizarre.

SBF’s Tries to Wriggle Out of Jail

SBF has been pulling out all the stops to avoid jail time. From griping about jail Wi-Fi to shrugging off the FTX fiasco as a misunderstanding, he’s left no stone unturned.

However, newly revealed court documents shed light on even more eyebrow-raising plans the former FTX CEO had in mind. 


"Go on Tucker Carlson, come out as a Republican." "Come out as extremely pro-crypto, pro-freedom." "Come out with a strong anti-Binance message." 

These were just a few of the offbeat and somewhat wacky ideas that SBF toyed with shortly before his arrest. According to the documents, there’s a whole Google doc file in which the FTX founder has penned a variety of ways to save his public image, though he admits, “these are all random, probably bad ideas that aren’t vetted.”

SBF’s List of ‘Bad Ideas’ 

Many of SBF’s get-out-of-jail plans involved shifting blame onto lawyers and the bankruptcy process for seizing his company, a narrative he’s been keen on promoting despite being barred from doing so during the trial.

According to court documents, if SBF had made it onto Tucker Carlson’s show, he intended to switch Republican and strongly oppose “the woke agenda” while also discussing “…how the cartel of lawyers is destroying value and throwing entrepreneurs under the bus to cover up lawyer incompetence.”


SBF also mulled speaking to other journalists, including Matt Levine of Bloomberg and Michael Lewis, author of Going Infinite, which details Bankman-Fried’s rise and fall. Prosecutors also shared another document listing potential media figures who Bankman-Fried considered might push his agenda. 

Additionally, SBF considered discussing the effects of his antidepressant according to an entry in his Google doc, which read “Send this EmSam tweet thread,” referencing his long-term prescription medication. 

SBF’s final two ideas involved running a Twitter poll “asking people what to do” and trying “to get people to support the true narratives.” 

On the Flipside

  • Prosecutors are seeking a staggering 40-50-year sentence, coupled with an $11 billion fine, for Bankman-Fried’s alleged role in the spectacular collapse of FTX.
  • Given Bankman-Fried’s young age and lack of criminal history, his defense might push for a lighter sentence.
  • SBF’s family has also come forward and requested leniency before his sentencing.

Why This Matters

SBF’s long list of bad ideas to protect his image could hinder his efforts to request lenient sentencing. The FTX founder could face up to 115 years in jail if found guilty. 

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