Degen Chain Resumes Block Production After Two-Day Downtime

Degen Chain is back online following an outage that lasted for over 50 hours.

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  • Degen Chain has resumed block production.
  • The network suffered an outage that lasted for days.
  • The outage rendered all decentralized apps on the network unusable.

Ethereum Layer 3 network Degen Chain is back up and running after an extended downtime of over 50 hours.

On May 12 at around 4:15 p.m. ET, the Degen chain halted block production, rendering various decentralized applications and bridges on the network completely unusable. As such, the snarl-up stranded users on the platform until Wednesday, when Conduit broke the good news.

Degen Chain is Back Online

According to a May 15 X (Twitter) post by Conduit, Degen Chain is back online, and users can now submit transactions using the Remote Procedure Call (RPC).


“Please note that the block explorer is still indexing and does not reflect the latest state.” Conduit wrote. “Infrastructure providers should start reindexing the chain from this block. This block is a conservative estimate to ensure your indexing is consistent.”

Conduit warned that some addresses were filtered during the replay to “bring the network online as soon as possible.”

“These addresses have tens of millions of failed transactions and were stalling the replay process. Transactions from these addresses can be replayed, but on a delay that does not prevent the network from coming back online.”

Noting that it would share a full post-mortem of the incident later, Conduit expressed gratitude to blockchain infrastructure firms Offchain Labs and Syndicate for offering guidance and support to help restore the Degen Chain.

In the meantime, the prolonged outage has pushed Degen Chain’s native token, DEGEN, down 5.5% to trade at $0.01592 as of press time, CoinGecko data shows.


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