DeFi Becomes More Accessible Than Ever with Kinetix AI Tools 

Kinetix revealed AI enhancements designed to reduce DeFi complexity and improve usability, potentially spurring the next wave of DeFi growth.

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  • Kinetix announced AI integrations to enhance DeFi usability.
  • Integrations include AI-powered DEX and better UI
  • Better AI bots can overhaul user experience in DEX. 

Despite its promises of a fairer financial system, the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector has long struggled to attract users. A large part of the issue is that DeFi requires complex knowledge to interact with compared to traditional finance.

However, this could be changing, thanks to the emergence of advanced AI tools. Most recently, DeFi platform Kinetix introduced a series of AI-powered integrations to simplify user experience, making DeFi more accessible than ever. 

Kinetix Unveils Advanced AI Functionalities

On May 10, DeFi platform Kinetix announced a series of AI-powered integrations designed to simplify user experience and make decentralized finance more accessible. Kinetix did so to address the complexity of interacting with decentralized financial systems, which has so far limited adoption. These integrations include: 


AI-Powered User Interfaces: With large language models (LLMs), Kinetix enables users to interact with its platform through simple text commands. Instead of jumping through complex menus, users can simply open up a chat and say what they want to do. This drastically reduces the complexity of navigating a DeFi platform. 

AI-Powered DEX: Kinetix’s decentralized exchange (DEX) now leverages AI in active liquidity management. This means more optimized liquidity provision, enabling larger returns for users. 

Strategy Hub with AI Bots: Kinetix’s upcoming Strategy Hub will allow users to deploy AI-driven bots to execute trading strategies. These bots will also leverage AI to simplify the execution of complex trading strategies. According to Kinetix, the feature caters both to novice and experienced traders. 


Custom Emote Creator: The AI emote creator allows users to generate custom emotes from any video, making interactions on the platform more personalized and engaging. 

The extent of these changes showcases just how much space there is to leverage AI tech in DeFi applications. 

How AI Can Boost DeFi

Kinetix AI integrations could have a significant impact on DeFi adoption. DeFi platforms require a strong understanding of blockchain tech, as well as an understanding of each DeFi protocol and smart contract they use. 

This complexity can be overwhelming, especially for new users. For instance, a recent survey by Uniswap Labs found that 42% of centralized exchange (CEX) users identified a lack of understanding as the primary barrier to using DeFi. Luckily, AI is in a good position to solve this issue.  

Thanks to LLMs like ChatGPT, users can now interact with these DeFi protocols through an assistant. This AI assistant can navigate the platform, understand what the user wants to do through simple text input and interact with the protocol on the user’s behalf. AI can also provide information for the user, and serve as a crucial learning tool. 

On the Flipside

  • Despite their impressive performance, LLMs are not foolproof. Users will still have to check whether or not the answers they get are correct. This is especially true in DeFi, where mistakes in LLM interfaces can lead to financial losses.  

  • LLMs are a great learning tool, especially for complex subjects like DeFi. However, users still have to invest time to fully understand the technology. 

Why This Matters

Kintetix’s new tools remove the complexities of DeFi by adopting AI technology. This lowers the barrier to entry, one of the largest hurdles in DeFi, making decentralized applications more accessible to average users. 

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