Dead Dogecoin Sister Token “Bells” Resurrected

Forgotten token Bells, which shares lineage with Dogecoin, gets a 2023 revival.

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  • Bells share lineage with Dogecoin dating back to the early days of crypto.
  • Past revivals of Bells have proven unsuccessful.
  • Billy Markus seemingly approves of the latest Bells revival attempt.

Dogecoin was created in 2013 by co-founders Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer as a Litecoin fork. Initially intended as a satirical take on hyped cryptocurrency culture, the project became the seminal memecoin in a somewhat ironic twist. Before Dogecoin, Markus had created “Bells,” recently resurrected from the dead by a group of determined developers.

Dogecoin Sister Token Revived

The idea to resurrect Bells came from Emblem Vault strategist Adam McBride, who became inspired following Dogecoin’s tenth birthday on December 5. McBride duly went on a fact-finding mission, uncovering Markus’ announcement of Bells on the Bitcoin Talk forum, which detailed a concept based on the Animal Crossing social simulation Nintendo game. 


McBride also noted that Bells failed to gain traction as early users opted for Dogecoin instead. Further digging showed that various versions of Bells existed, including a community fork and an Ethereum-based version, all seemingly faded into obscurity over time.

Intrigued by the prospect of restarting Bells, McBride recruited “uber dev” Luke Wright to connect nodes to the original Bells blockchain and get the code up and running again. McBride informed the crypto community that Wright was successful and encouraged followers to start mining BEL by providing instructions.

Closing the thread, McBride called on his followers to like and repost to spread the word on Bells, adding that he hopes that “maybe it’ll be something cool in another 10 years!”

Markus Responds

The word on Bells spread far enough to alert Markus of the situation. Markus chuckled at the unexpected news by detailing Bell’s obscurity and perceived inferiority in those early crypto days.


“lolz it’s funny cuz everyone thought bells was stupid af back in the day,” quipped Markus.

While initially entertained by the homage paid to Bells, Markus did raise some functionality concerns stemming from Bells and Dogecoin originally using the same genesis block name. Nonetheless, the Bells creator appreciated McBride’s efforts to revive his retro creation.

On the Flipside

  • Information on Bells is lacking, with no details on its use case
  • A significant part of Dogecoin’s appeal relates to its mascot.

Why This Matters

While a niche resurrection, the revival of Bells represents more than just a tech curiosity; it highlights the power of determined communities to breathe new life into abandoned projects.

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