Cardano Embraces Zero-Knowledge Privacy Hype with Midnight

Cardano enters the ZK-proof world with privacy blockchain Midnight.

Charles Hoskinson on the way to his project 'Midnight'
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  • Cardano looks to compete with Ethereum and Polygon with a new ZK-proof solution. 
  • Midnight looks to usher in a new era of security and privacy to Cardano. 
  • The privacy sidechain could significantly impact DApps on Cardano.

Zero-knowledge cryptography is emerging as a solid trend for blockchain privacy, with major platforms like Ethereum and Polygon exploring innovative solutions. Soon joining the growing cohort is Cardano with its privacy sidechain, Midnight. 

Midnight: Cardano’s Entry into the ZK-World

Cardano privacy blockchain, Midnight, is a highly anticipated solution the network has worked on this year. Months after being introduced in November 2022, the protocol, along with its native token DUST, is set to make its DevNet debut soon. 


Powered by zero-knowledge proofs, Midnight ushers in a new era of secure, private, and efficient blockchain applications on Cardano. Beyond traditional privacy solutions, the protocol promises anonymity and a delicate balance between privacy and transparency.

At its core, Midnight aims to empower developers to create DApps fortified with data protection capabilities, enabling businesses and consumers to safeguard sensitive information through ZK-proof smart contracts

Similar to other ZK-proof solutions, Midnight offers the means to verify transactions without exposing the underlying data, setting it apart from many existing platforms, including the Cardano mainnet. 

Leading this ambitious project is Dr. Vanishree Rao, a distinguished academic and a core contributor to the privacy-focused blockchain Mina Protocol. The upcoming launch of Midnight marks a huge leap for the Cardano ecosystem, proving its commitment to privacy, security, and improving user experience. 

On the Flipside

  • Polygon and Ethereum are years ahead of Cardano in the Zero-knowledge-based solutions landscape. 
  • Although robust in security and privacy, Zk-proofs can be computationally expensive.

Why This Matters

Cardano’s Midnight chain could position it as a blockchain leader for institutions navigating data protection regulations and the crypto landscape. 


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