Cardano (ADA) to Enter Voltaire Age via Three Pillars

The Age of Voltaire will make Cardano (ADA) self-sustaining.

Portrait of Charles Hoskinson with medieval armor, coins, and pillars.
  • The Cardano community is hinting that the Voltaire era is close.
  • VP of Voltaire Nigel Hemsley has elaborated on the three pillars of the next era.
  • The Cardano Voltaire Age will unlock the full potential of the community.

The Voltaire era is set to provide the final pieces required for the Cardano (ADA) network to become a self-sustaining system.

With notable Cardano community members vocal on Crypto Twitter about Voltaire within the past few days, the community is anticipating that the fifth era of Cardano is swiftly approaching.

Voltaire Around the Corner?

IOG and Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has shared governance-related tweets within the past 24 hours. The crypto cowboy is notorious for sharing his controversial and transparent opinions across the Twitter sphere, prompting some community members to dissect his tweets in connection with the Voltaire era.


Hoskinson retweeted a video from a CIP 1694 workshop, where the author Juane Attieh added that “decentralized governance is well on its way.” Decentralized governance is the foundation of the Voltaire Age.

The Cardano founder also shared a meme that speaks volumes about the Voltaire era and the network’s methodology.

The SPO of Cardano staking pool Digital Fortress (DIGI) Rick McCracken has said that Voltaire is coming, asking the community to “be patient” as he is “confident most people will be happy.”


On March 1st, 2023, the Cardano developer firm Input Output Global (IOG) shared that it aims to deliver the Age of Voltaire via three governance pillars; the Member-Based Organization (MBO), the Constitution, and Democratic consent.

Nigel Hemsley has elaborated on the three pillars that will usher in Cardano’s fifth era.

The Three Pillars of Voltaire

VP of Voltaire Nigel Hemsley has shared that:

“The Age of Voltaire brings to life governance which unlocks the full potential of the community and enables a fully self-sustaining system.

According to the Voltaire VP, the first pillar is the Member-Based Organization which will be an “aggregation point” for all Cardano community members. The MBO is described as an Administrator of all governance processes on the network, which will facilitate the continuance of Cardano’s roadmap, delivery, and development.

The second pillar is the aptly named Constitution which will serve as the ruleset of guiding rights and principles that all community members must abide by if they want to participate in the ecosystem.

The third and final pillar is Democratic Consent, the technical implementation enabling “wider governance and mass community participation” via blockchain technology. The key to Democratic Consent is the CIP 1694 implementation which enables community members to vote, contribute, or bring about any changes to the Cardano ecosystem.

Recent developments, partnerships, upgrades, and developer volumes in the Cardano ecosystem can be attributed to the network aligning to usher in the Age of Voltaire.

At the time of writing, ADA is trading at $0.34, continuing its latest downtrend after the token spiked to $0.38 on February 15th, right after the launch of Cardano’s Valentine’s (SECP) upgrade.

On the Flipside

  • Less than three weeks ago, IOG invited developers to join Cardano Working groups to propel the development of the network.
  • Charles Hoskinson has been hinting that the Voltaire Age will be coming “soon” since 2022.

Why You Should Care

The Age of Voltaire will result in the Cardano network no longer being under the management of IOG, making it truly decentralized and placing the future of the network in the hands of the community.

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