Bored Ape NFT Sells the World’s Most Expensive Champagne Bottle

The Buono brothers have the luxury to keep their NFTs bottled up during volatile market conditions

  • The idea was carried out by British entrepreneur Shammi Shinh in partnership with BAYC designer Migwashere.
  • Shammi Shinh beat his own record, after selling the NFT themed ‘Taste of Diamonds‘ bottle for $1.9M back in 2013.
  • The Buono Brothers, the NFT’s new owners have no intention of drinking it, asserting that the move is a “long-term investment”.

With the world seeing the ever-faster adoption of blockchain & NFTs, it comes as little surprise that the average price being paid for rare NFTs is skyrocketing by the hour. But what if NFTs also came with a bottle of the finest French champagne, the ‘Champagne Avenue Foch’? Well, it turns out that the combo results in the most expensive champagne bottle ever: ‘Magnum 2.5’, which is now owned by Italian brothers Giovanni and Pierro Buono.

5 NFTs included in the $2.5M Deal

The Italian brothers acquired the Bored Ape NFT themed champagne bottle in a private auction. Interestingly, one of the brothers, Giovanni, explained that the purchase was a long-term investment for these volatile market times. “Wealthy people will look for places to store their wealth for a while—and that could be a champagne with an NFT attached to it” explained Mr. Buono.


The NFT champagne bottle includes a Bored Ape, Mutant Ape, and a Sneaky Vampire. The new owners of the exquisite bottle will be able to use the Bored Ape NFT however they wish; after all, many celebrities that purchase Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs later incorporate them into their work, with rapper Snoop Dogg and actor Seth Green among them. While Snoop Dogg is getting ready to open a Bored Ape themed candy shop, Seth Green plans to use his lost & found Bored Ape for his next TV show.

NFTs: The New Diamonds

The wine itself may well be rare and delicious, but that’s not the only reason for its sky-high price. Shammi Shinh, the creator of the ‘Champagne Avenue Foch’ NFT bottle, previously sold the ‘Taste of Diamonds’ champagne bottle for $1.9M. This was back in 2013, when the crypto game had just kicked off. “NFTs are the new diamonds”, Shammi Shinh had said.

The NFT champagne bottle was designed by Migwashere, a well-known illustrator for The Bored Ape Yacht Club. In a vivid description, Shammi Shinh went into detail on the design of the world’s most expensive bottle: “Encrusted with diamond-cut Swarovski crystals with pure pewter embedded in the design, I wanted to create something timeless for the modern investor, nothing less of a masterpiece”.

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Tadas Klimasevskis

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