Blur Airdrop: Just 23 Users Received More Than $1 Million in BLUR Each

Just one wallet address received more than 3.2 million BLUR tokens.

NFTs in front of yellow glowing Blur logo covered in BLUR tokens.
  • So far, users have claimed almost 90% of BLUR tokens. 
  • Twenty-three traders claimed more than one million tokens each, currently worth more than $1.1 million. 
  • Daily volume on the Blur NFT exchange shot up past $45 million since the airdrop. 

Blur, a new player in the NFT space, has been the focus of attention among traders. This professional trading platform threatens to overtake OpenSea’s dominance in space. 

That’s why many traders have eagerly anticipated the Blur airdrop. So far, Blur users have claimed 88.6% of BLUR tokens. However, the token drop disproportionately benefited a small number of active users on the platform. 

According to Nansen, the twenty-three most active users received more than one million blur tokens. Currently, these tokens are worth just about $1.1 each. Moreover, one trader received more than 3.2 million BLUR tokens worth more than $3.5 million. 

24.3% of Airdropped BLUR Still in Original Wallets

More than $780 million in tokens changed hands since the airdrop, with most users selling their assets. About 24.3% of BLUR tokens are still in the same wallets they were airdropped to. 


Airdrop wallet holders sold 28.6% of BLUR tokens on decentralized exchanges. At the same time, they transferred 45.6% to exchange wallets, either to sell them or to hold them in their CEX balances. 

About 12% of all Blur tokens were part of the airdrop. According to Nansen, 86% of BLUR tokens are three wallets associated with the founders. Specifically, these are two token lockup addresses and one team multisig address. 


Blur, a zero-fee non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, announced its long-anticipated on Tuesday. In the last three months, all traders on the professional NFT marketplace would be eligible for the airdrop. Care Package holders and NFT creators were also eligible. 

Blur Sees Spike in NFT Trading

Blur NFT Exchange has seen a spike in activity since its long-anticipated token airdrop.  After reaching more than $780 million in trading volume in Blur tokens, the massive airdrop stimulated activity on the Blur NFT Exchange. 

The daily volume of NFTs on the exchange shot up past $45 million since the airdrop. 

Why You Should Care

On Thursday, Blur’s daily volume was three times that of OpenSea. The platform launched just four months ago.

Daily volume chart on Blur

On the Flipside

  • NFT markets dropped hard in 2022. In September, trading volumes dropped 97% from their highs. 
  • Currently, large, professional players dominate NFT markets. This could be one of the factors behind Blur’s success. 

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