BlockDAG Steals #1 Spot on CoinSniper as Presale Booms to $49.2M While Polkadot & Lido DAO Price Struggle to Keep Pace

Uncover why BlockDAG trends #1 on CoinSniper and brings investors an 1120% surge amid the recent RWA-related Polkadot update and modest Lido DAO price rise.

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BlockDAG’s 1120% price surge to claim the #1 ranking on CoinSniper has stolen the spotlight from the recent Polkadot (DOT) update and Lido DAO price rise. Polkadot has seen a rapid ascension in the Real-World Assets (RWA) playground, while Lido DAO has brought a modest 14.18% surge. BlockDAG (BDAG), on the other hand, has witnessed massive Whale activity as its presale continues seeing a huge surge, with $49.2 million raised in 18 batches. Currently priced at $0.0122 in presale batch 18, analysts predict the price of one BDAG will reach $1 in 2024. The platform has consistently released comprehensive daily Dev Releases, becoming one of the top cryptos to dominate the market this year.

Lido DAO Price Surges by 14.18%

Bitcoin’s ETF approval has paved the path for many alternative investment opportunities in the market, with Lido DAO gaining significant popularity due to its multi-chain decentralized staking infrastructure. As one of Ethereum’s largest autonomous staking solutions, Lido DAO plans to make asset staking more accessible to the broader market. Despite a price dip due to a class action lawsuit, the Lido DAO price has demonstrated significant resilience, surging to $2.25 and boasting a 14.18% 30-day increase. Lido DAO’s TVL also reveals a 60-day high, amassing extensive investor confidence.

Polkadot Update: DOT Shines in RWA Category

According to a recent Polkadot update DOT is rapidly rising in the Real-World Assets (RWA) category, revealing significant fundamental growth. Furthermore, projects like Energy Web and Centrifuge within Polkadot’s ecosystem underscore its positive growth potential. The RWA market is predicted to hit $10 trillion by 2030 as blockchain becomes more efficient for handling physical assets. Polkadot’s scalability and security potential have positioned it as the frontrunner in bridging the gaps left by traditional markets and fueling the RWA revolution. On the flip side, though, inherent risks in the RWA space such as fraud vulnerability and liquidity issues may damage DOT’s optimistic market sentiments.

BlockDAG Surges by 1,120% for #1 CoinSniper Ranking

BlockDAG, a block & DAG masterpiece that aims to resolve the elusive blockchain trilemma, has taken the crypto world by storm in recent weeks. The cryptocurrency has secured the #1 spot on CoinSniper, the leading crypto database renowned for listing top investment coins. This achievement highlights its growing popularity and investor confidence, setting it apart in a highly competitive market.

Before giants like Dogecoin became popular coins, they first gained visibility via CoinSniper. For BlockDAG, this prestigious rank means solid market domination in the coming months. Following this news, BlockDAG’s dashboard exploded with massive transactions. The price of a BDAG coin has surged by a whopping 1120% since its initial batch. BlockDAG is currently priced at $0.0122 in presale batch 18, up from $0.001 in batch 1. This consistent price rise has led analysts to believe that the price of one BDAG coin will reach $1 in 2024.


BlockDAG’s sustained popularity on CoinSniper can be attributed to its latest development updates, aimed at making BlockDAG the fastest, most scalable, and secure platform on the market.


Its latest Dev Release 48, for instance, unveils significant UI and performance advancements for the X1 Miner Beta app. Several bug fixes and key improvements have been made based on user feedback. These improvements include improved phone number input length for precise user data entry, enhanced Coinbase connectivity to ensure smooth and reliable transactions, preventing multiple OTP requests, Active Tab highlights for enhanced user experience, and application performance optimization for rapid load times.

Beyond the X1 Miner app, BlockDAG is all set to launch its Blockchain Explorer project. This cutting-edge tool will unravel insights into BlockDAG’s blockchain network, promoting accessibility and transparency, so users can effortlessly view and track transaction statuses, address histories, block details, and more.

In A Nutshell

BlockDAG’s record-breaking 1,120% price surge post #1 ranking on CoinSniper has significantly outshone the recent RWA-related Polkadot update and modest Lido DAO price rise. Currently, BlockDAG’s presale is seeing notable Whale moves on the dashboard. The platform’s latest Dev releases further underscore its technological superiority. Priced at $0.0122 in presale batch 18, analysts predict that one BDAG coin could even reach $1 this year.

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