BlackRock to Cut 3% of Workforce Amid Heightened ETF Tension

BlackRock’s internal shifts and looming Bitcoin ETF approval signal potential upheaval in the world of finance and cryptocurrency.

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  • BlackRock is facing internal shifts amid a groundbreaking crypto development.
  • Impending regulatory decisions on Bitcoin ETFs have created a climate of anticipation.
  • SEC deadlines have hinted at a potential domino effect in the approval process for Bitcoin ETFs.

The world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, is poised for a potential shakeup in the coming days, with reports suggesting internal adjustments and looming regulatory decisions in the cryptocurrency space. While details remain murky, whispers of streamlining and long-awaited Bitcoin ETF approval are swirling around the financial giant.

BlackRock’s Layoffs Threaten 600 Jobs

Sources familiar with the matter have revealed plans for a workforce reduction of around 3%, impacting roughly 600 employees. Performance evaluations over the past year are expected to be the primary factor in determining who will be affected. Though described as routine, this move comes at a pivotal time for BlackRock, which has its sights set on a major prize: the coveted Bitcoin ETF.


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) holds the key, with a crucial deadline on January 10 for a decision on ARK 21Shares’ spot Bitcoin ETF application. But industry watchers speculate that BlackRock may be closer to crossing the finish line, anticipating approval for its application as early as that same day. 

However, the official deadline for their application isn’t until January 15, adding an air of uncertainty to the situation. This flurry of activity follows a recent wave of amendment filings by various spot Bitcoin ETF applicants. 

Bitcoin ETF Dominoes Starting to Fall?

BlackRock joined the pack on January 5, submitting a 19b-4 amendment alongside other major players like Valkyrie, Grayscale, and Invesco Galaxy. These filings represent a significant step in the approval process, but further paperwork remains before Bitcoin ETFs can grace the shelves of U.S. exchanges.

With the SEC’s decision on ARK 21Shares’ application just days away and BlackRock’s potential approval potentially around the corner, the future of Bitcoin ETFs hangs in the balance. Whether BlackRock’s internal adjustments are simply a matter of course or a strategic move in anticipation of a new era in cryptocurrency remains to be seen. 

On the Flipside

  • Layoffs might not solely hinge on performance evaluations; other undisclosed factors could influence BlackRock’s decision.
  • While attention is focused on BlackRock and its potential Bitcoin ETF, other companies in the cryptocurrency space are also striving for ETF approval.

Why This Matters

With BlackRock’s internal restructuring coinciding with this heightened regulatory activity, questions swirl about the company’s long-term strategy in the face of evolving digital asset landscapes. Whether the anticipated Bitcoin ETF approval materializes and how it impacts BlackRock’s future trajectory remain to be seen.


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