Binance’s New Trading Bot Enables Everyone to Do Arbitrage

Binance launches a Funding Rate Arbitrage Bot and fully rolls out Spot Copy Trading, enhancing automated trading.

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  • Binance launches several new trading options for beginners. 
  • One is the Funding Rate Arbitrage Bot for automated trading.
  • Spot copy trading also became available to all eligible users. 

The crypto trading landscape is transforming with the increasing adoption of automated trading tools and bots. When done right, these tools make more sophisticated trading strategies accessible to regular traders, which is why they are popular.  

After several other exchanges introduced these tools, Binance, the world’s largest exchange, is joining the trend. Most recently, the exchange launched its new Funding Rate Arbitrage Bot. Moreover, Binance also rolled out its Spot Copy Trading feature to all eligible users, making trading more accessible.  

Binance Launches Arbitrage Bot and Expands Spot Copy Trading

On Wednesday, May 15, Binance introduced the Funding Rate Arbitrage Bot, an automated tool for spot and futures arbitrage strategies. This bot allows users to earn funding fees by automating the opening of a perpetual futures position and simultaneously hedging it with an opposite position in the spot market.


The hedging makes the strategy less risky than just investing in futures. While traders could execute this strategy manually, it requires significant work and expertise. The bot effectively cuts out that work, enabling regular traders to execute this strategy. 

According to Rohit Wad, Chief Technology Officer of Binance, the feature’s introduction was a result of user feedback. He highlighted the Spot Copy Trading feature’s positive reception, which has attracted over 700 Lead Traders since its initial launch.

Bots, Copy Trading Make Crypto More Accessible

The Funding Rate Arbitrage Bot is just one of many bots on the Binance bot marketplace. Currently, the company states that there are more than 120,000 strategies for automated trading for players to choose from. This aligns with a broader trend towards automated trading in crypto. 


Binance has also expanded its spot copy trading platform to fit this trend. Initially launched for select traders in late April 2024, the feature is now fully available to all eligible users as of Wednesday, May 15. 

Binance boasts that since its launch, over 70% of active Lead Traders on its copy trading have achieved positive P&L. This is even though the overall crypto market cap fell by 11% in April. With both bots and copy trading features, Binance aims to enable all traders to benefit from advanced trading strategies. 

On the Flipside

  • While automating trading strategies offers significant advantages, it is not without risks. To use these tools effectively, traders must understand their parameters and limitations.
  • Copying successful traders does not guarantee profits, as market conditions can change rapidly. At the same time, copy traders do not receive the same profits as traders they are copying.  

Why This Matters

The introduction of automated trading tools democratizes access to complex trading strategies. By simplifying trading, Binance enables a broader base to participate in the crypto market. 

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